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Master’s Opportunity for Research in Engineering (MORE)

The Master’s Opportunity for Research in Engineering program is designed to enrich a graduate student’s engineering and technical graduate curriculum with hands-on lab experience and independent and thesis-based research.

Project Title Participant Mentor Theme Year
Towards Automated Selection of Embedding Models: Identifying the Optimal Parameters for the Baseline Model for TCR Embedding Uttam Kumar Health Spring 2024
Development of a Modular Actuator for Hip and Ankle Joint Suhrud Parag Joglekar Health Spring 2024
Leveraging the Power of Ligninolytic Enzymes to Valorize Lignin to Polyvinyl Phenol Haley McKeown Sustainability Spring 2024
Non-Metallic Bio Polymer Composite Design and Selection for Replacement of Rigid Non-Degradable Orthopedic BioWare Sri Manaswini Palaparthi Health Spring 2024
Developing an Antibody Language Model for Generating Missing Amino Acid Residues to Complete Partial BCR Sequences Sonal Prabhu Health Spring 2024
Remote Control of an Off-Road Automated vehicle over a 5G Network for Agriculture Applications Rohit Menon Security Spring 2024
Covalent Organic Framework-Based Aerogel Composites for Passive Atmospheric Water Harvesting Brian Ridenour Sustainability Spring 2024
Development of Biomimetic Nanoparticles for Smooth Muscle Dysfunction Hanan Alarnous Health Spring 2024
Hardware-Net Hussain Bhavnagarwala Security Spring 2024
Robot Learning with Adverbial Corrections Naga Suresh Krishna Kondepudi Health Spring 2024
Engineering a Microbial Chimera for Biosynthesis of Green Solvents Jackson Comes Sustainability Spring 2024
Additive Manufacturing of Polymer-based Lithium Salt Electrolyte with Enhanced Physical Properties Towards High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries Lakshmi Jayant Energy Spring 2024
Performance Evaluation of TPUs and FPGAs for Deep Neural Network Inference Deepak Kumar Athur Energy Spring 2024
Integrated Machine Learning Approaches for Advanced Analysis of Semiconductor Materials Aishwarya Katkar Semiconductor Manuacturing Spring 2024
Investigating the Effects of Oxygen Availability on Neurodevelopment in Organoid Models Fabiha Firoz Health Spring 2024
Estimating Joint Parameters and Manipulation Order of Multi-DoF Objects for Robot Manipulation Anmol Gupta Data Spring 2024
Computer-Vision-Enabled Video Analysis for Motion Amount Quantification Neel Macwan Data Spring 2024
Enhancing Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Analysis for Neurodegenerative Disease Research Akshata Jedhe Health Spring 2024
Developing Self-Healing Polymeric Nanocomposites through Nanoparticle-based Bonds Soham Sanghvi Sustainability Spring 2024
Vehicle Tracking Pipeline for an Intelligent Parking System Pranav Rajesh Data Spring 2024
Understanding Effect of Ion Migration Through Correlating Chemical and Ionic Properties in Halide Perovskites Sajia Afrin Energy Spring 2024
Thermal Management for 3D Heterogenous Integration of Semiconductor Packaging Rohit Gandhi Semiconductor Manuacturing Spring 2024
Perception of Intelligent Parking System Dheeraj Kallakuri Data Spring 2024
Unified Frenet Frame Motion Planning Based Framework for Social Navigation Karthick Subramanian Data Spring 2024
Power Disaggregation for Enhanced Energy Efficiency Praveen Raj Mohanraj Energy Spring 2024
Developing an Assistive Education Tool for Data Visualization Jai Narula Education Fall 2023
Ensuring Feasibility and Stability of Model Predictive Control in Nonlinear Systems with Non-Overshooting Constraints Harsh Gangwar Sustainability Summer 2023
Development of Non-Overshooting Model Predictive Control with Terminal Constraints and/or Costs Rohan Khaire Energy Fall 2023
Evaluation of Air Retention of 3D printed Biomimetic Super-Hydrophobic Structures Dhanashree Sargar Sustainability Fall 2023
Simulation and Fabrication of Trench Schottky Diodes on Ga2O3 for Applications in High Voltage DC Power Conversion Abishek Katta Semiconductor Manuacturing Fall 2023
Synthesis And Characterization Of Naturally-Derived Silk Fibroin Fibers And Films For The Design Of Nonmetallic Tunable And Tissue Responsive Fixation Devices In Regenerative Surgery Neveatha Muthusamy Health Fall 2023
Synthesis and Processing of Hydroxyapatite Thin Films and Coatings for Translational Orthopaedic Surgical Implant Applications Priyanka Desai Health Fall 2023
Scenario-Based Testing and Driving Assessment Metrics Validation Sunder Swaminathan Data Fall 2023
Deep Learning Based Changepoint Detection for Robot Learning Adarsh Hiremath Data Fall 2023
A Quantitative Study on the Effect of Rotation Rate on Radiation Heat Transfer in a Rotary Drum Joel Tronstad Energy Summer 2023
Innovative Magnetic Field Design and Modulation for 3D Printing Biomimetic Microrobots with Programmable Material Distribution Ivan Pesqueira Health Fall 2023
A study on Aluminum Voxels Characteristics Deposited by a New Metal 3D Printing Method Mohammed Bawareth Energy Fall 2023
Synthesis of Algae-Derived MgO/Zn-Modified Activated Carbon for Nitrate and Phosphate Removal Eric Petronella Sustainability Fall 2023
Propositional Logic Frameworks in Perception Tasks App Aniruddha Datta Data Fall 2023
Shape Optimization of Pin Fin Array in a Cooling Channel Using Genetic Algorithm Ji Yeon Kim Energy Fall 2023
Surface Effects Mapping of a Multirotor in Close Proximity to the Ground, Ceiling, and Walls Archit Jain Energy Fall 2023
Buck-Derived Active Buffer-Based Energy Storage System with Enhanced Reliability for Solar Microinverter Connor Reece Energy Summer 2023
Background Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in Soils: Quantification and Implication for TPH Regulation Maxwell Silverman Sustainability Spring 2023
Analysis of Vibrational EELS Datasets to Unravel the Nanoscale Ferroelectric-Ferroelastic Coupling in Oxides Surya Prakash Mandalreddy Semiconductor Manuacturing Spring 2023
Dual Cationic-Radical RAFT Photo-Polymerization for the Formation of Co-Polymers Under Ambient Conditions Kade Hawkins Sustainability Spring 2023
3D Printing of Silicon Anode with Bioinspired Porous Structures via Vat Photopolymerization (VPP) for Battery Applications Amal Rai Energy Spring 2023
Mitigating Label Bias Through Probabilistic Modeling With Latent Variable Saurav Anchlia Data Spring 2023
Improving Behavior-Based Swarm Control Using Partially Specified Human Preferences Upasana Biswas Data Spring 2023
Active Matrix Memory Module Joshua Hulse Data Spring 2023
Flowability of Microcrystalline Cellulose in MFiX Simulations Lidija Buchanan Data Spring 2023
Thermoelectric Material Discovery Using Machine Learning Kevin Coutinho Energy Spring 2023
Gait Entrainment Using a Soft Robot Hip Exoskeleton Sidhant Das Health Spring 2023
Generating a Clonal Cell Line with an APOJ Knockout Mutation Lauren Baker Health Spring 2023
Engineering the Cyanobacterial Photosynthetic Electron Transport Chain to Improve Photosynthetic Efficiency Sumant Brahmankar Sustainability Spring 2023
Multiperiod Transmission Expansion Planning with Load Growth Andres Flores Rodriguez Energy Spring 2023
Few Shot Learning for TCR-Epitope Binding Affinity Prediction Ajay Kannan Health Spring 2023
Inequity in the Engineering Faculty Workforce: How Marginalized Groups Used Signaling to Hedge from Discrimination Archit Junaghare Education Spring 2023
Emergent Communication in Context-Dependent Scenarios: A Novel Approach to Language Creation Ethan Clark Data Spring 2023
Bilateral Ankle Stiffness Characterization in Frontal Plane for Different Weight Loadings Soe Lin Paing Health Spring 2023
Perovskite-Based Hyperbolic Metamaterials: Synthesis and Characterization Krushitha Reddy Thumukuntla Energy Spring 2023
Movement and Quantification of Escherichia coli in a Managed Aquifer Recharge Site Hannah Collins , Health Spring 2023
The Impact of Persuasion Methods on Student Performance and Mental Health in University Setting Daniella Pautz Education Spring 2023
Assessing pH Gradients in Geobacter Biofilms in Order to Optimize Energy Output Jordan Coulam Energy Spring 2023
App-Based Remote RF Coil Monitoring System in MRI Scanners Chavalchart Herabut Health Spring 2023
3D Printing of Functionalized Piezoelectric Materials for Sensor Applications Chayaank Ravishankar Health Spring 2023
Design, Optimization and Control of a Soft Pneumatic Actuator Jahnav Rokalaboina Health Fall 2022
Robot Intent Signaling Using Augmented Reality Arshnoor Singh Sachdeva Health Fall 2022
A Novel Query Efficient Algorithm for Active Covering Evan Archer Data Fall 2022
Quantification of Shoulder Joint Impedance Based on Various Arm Postures Aditya Saxena Health Fall 2022
Adapting Mass Manufacturing Methods to Develop Living Hinges for Foldable Robotics Viraj Kanchan Education Fall 2022
Mars Data Exploration Radhika Ganapathy Data Fall 2022
Transcriptomic Assays of Immunometabolic Enhancers Emma Lieberman Health Fall 2022
Vehicle Speed Estimation from 3D Object Detection for Surveillance Cameras Manthan Chelenahalli Satish Data Fall 2022
Design and Implementation of Non-Overshooting MPC with Terminal Cost/Constraints for Vehicle Lateral Stability Control Monish Dev Sudhakhar Security Fall 2022
Carbon/Carbon Composites: Manufacturing, Structures and Property Relationships Barath Sundaravadivelan Sustainability Fall 2022
Contact-Based Navigation and SLAM Using Collision-Resilient UAVs Aravind Adhith Pandian Saravanakumaran Security Fall 2022
Electrically Assisted Vat Photopolymerization of Bioinspired Hierarchical Structures with Hydrophobicity Enhancement Gana Sai Kiran Dwarampudi Sustainability Fall 2022
Dual-Component Structure for Selective Pollutant Decomposition via Photocatalysis Mikiye Lamansky Sustainability Spring 2023
Impact of Human Body Shape on Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient Shri Harri Viswanathan Health Fall 2022
Testing the Effect of Water Temperature and Disinfectants on Biofilm Formation by Different Bacteria in Different Pipe Materials Bita Kolahi Kouchaki Health Summer 2022
Use of Octopus Arm Muscle for Bioinspired Soft Robotic Arm Robin Koshy Mathews Sustainability Summer 2022
Micropatterning of Nanoparticles via Multi-Phase Direct Ink Writing (MDIW) Varunkumar Thippanna Energy Summer 2022
Development of In-Line Inspection (ILI) Robot for Pipeline Using Structural Health Monitoring Using Computer Vision and Deep Learning Techniques Rohith Kalyan Kavadapu Energy Summer 2022
Correlations Between Deep Brain Stimulation of the Subthalamic Nucleus, Blood Flow, Oxygenation, and Neural Activity Sonja Brett Health Summer 2022
Short and Aligned Fiber Filament for 3D-Printed, High-Performance Composites Arunachalam Ramanathan Education Summer 2022
Optimization of PEG-Polyurethane Polymers for Biomedical Applications Gabriel Zdrale Health Summer 2022
Fine-Tuning Pre-Trained Models to Determine Model Superiority for Enhanced Medical Image Diagnosis Daniella Asare Health Spring 2022
Elucidating the Role of Ultraviolet Weathering and Biofilm Formation on the Adsorption of Micropollutants onto Microplastics Kartik Bhagat Sustainability Spring 2022
Variable Stiffness as Control Scheme for Enhancing Active Ankle Foot Orthosis Kevin Abishek Health Spring 2022
Lesion Detection using Three-Dimensional CBCT Image Segmentation using Deep Learning Ajey Musuwathi Rajkumar Health Spring 2022
Characterizing CO₂ Utilization Rates Across Different Cyanobacteria Strains under Varying Light Intensities by a Novel Mass Balance Approach Sean Innes Sustainability Spring 2022
Efficient Adsorption of the Macronutrients with the Help of Graphene and Oxidized Derivatives Abhishek Kumar Sustainability Spring 2022
Development of Biomimetic Nanoparticles for Highly Efficient CRISPR Delivery Michelle Mungaray Health Spring 2022
Investigation of a Solar Adsorption Refrigeration Unit Kudakwashe Nhanga Energy Spring 2022
Investigating How Training Improves Dexterous Finger Force Control Emmanuella Tagoe Health Spring 2022
Radiative Sky Cooling from Visibly Transparent High-Emissivity Glass Window Antonio Trujillo Energy Spring 2022
Modeling Deviation in Bending Direction of a Soft Arm Manipulator Using Regressive Neural Networks Aaryan Bhardwaj Health Spring 2022
3D-Printed Electroactive Hydrogel-Based Microgripper for Biomedical Applications Sonia Hernandez Health Spring 2022
Synthesis of a Janus Particle with Gold Nanoparticles and Vesicle-like Mesoporous Silica Christabel Arthur Health Spring 2022
Monocular 3D Object Detection for Traffic Analysis Himanshu Pahadia Data Spring 2022
Expanding Injection Molding Biofabrication to Generate Complex Three-Dimensional Cell Encapsulation Geometries Blake Browning Health Spring 2022
Evaluation of Shrinkage Cracking in Slab-Wall Systems Atharwa Samir Nimbalkar Sustainability Spring 2022
Multi-Constraint Optimization and Co-Design of a 2-MHz All-GaN based 1kW 96% Efficient LLC Converter Nitish Jolly Energy Spring 2022
Trophoblast-On-Chip Model Nisong Monyimba Health Spring 2022
Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer Between Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanotubes Vishwa Krishna Rajan Energy Spring 2022
Quantification of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in a Managed Aquifer Recharge System Lucien Dieter Health Spring 2022
Flow Visualization of Laminar Mixed Convection in Transparent 3D-Printed Channels Nadine Tim Sustainability Spring 2022
Assessing Visuospatial Function Using the Shepard-Metzler Mental Rotation Task in an Online 3D Mode Randy Essikpe Health Spring 2022
Drainage Flow of a Viscous Compressible Fluid (Gas) from a Small Curved Narrow Conduit Jackson Opoku Sustainability Spring 2022
Disaggregation of Time Series Energy Consumption Data of Residential Buildings Using Data Analytics Approaches Grace Aduve Energy Spring 2022
Effectiveness of Waist Vibrotactile Feedback for Improving Posture Balance Kwanghee Jo Health Spring 2022
Effect of Fused Deposition Modeling Printing Parameters on Mechanical and Thermal Behavior of PLA/Nanodiamond Composite Nikhitha Poornabodha Health Spring 2022
Implementation of Mechanophores into Shape Memory Polymers to Create Self-Sensing, Self-Healing Composite Materials Molly Pavey Sustainability Spring 2022
Assessing Organic Farm Nutrient Management Emma Bonham Sustainability Spring 2022
Recycling of Plastic Waste for Additive Manufacturing Moses Duah Sustainability Spring 2022
Cryogenic Electron Tomography and 3D Reconstructions of the Intracellular Extracellular Nanowire Interface of Geobacter Sulfurreducens Anna Mangus Energy Spring 2022
Combined Effect of Variable Stiffness and Damping Controller to Correct and Augment Ankle Motion Kwanghee Jo Health Fall 2021
Nucleic Acid Delivery from 3D-Printed Scaffolds Johnny Ng Health Fall 2021
Extended Kalman Filter Based Sensor Fusion for State Estimation of a Soft Robot Arm Kyle Stewart Health Fall 2021
Transient Cryothermal Measurements for Fast Dynamic Radiative Cooling Neal Boman Energy Fall 2021
Imaging Methods to Augment Human Vision Beyond Direct Line-of-Sight with mmWaves Shanmukha Saketha Ramanujam Samavedam Security Fall 2021
Enhanced Air Dehumidification Using Stretchable Tubing Thomas Nordstog Energy Fall 2021
Active Vibration Protection for Rocket Electronics Mason Fruit Security Fall 2021
Immunomodulatory Exosome Loaded Synthetic Hydrogels for Cell Encapsulation Shivani Hiremath Health Fall 2021
Engineering of a Microbial Host for the Degradation of Recalcitrant Biomass Dylan Ellis Sustainability Fall 2021
Removal of Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) from Water by Ion Exchange (IX) Christian Kassar Sustainability Summer 2021
Enabling Circular Economies of Recyclable Materials Through Matrix Completion Charan Rajagopal Data Summer 2021
Learning Complex Behaviors from Simple Behaviors: An Analysis of Behavior-Based Modular Design for RL Agents Kevin Jatin Vora Data Summer 2021
A Soft Robotic Hip Exosuit (SR-HExo) to Enable Entrainment during Human Locomotion Lily Baye-Wallace Health Summer 2021
Manufacture of 3D Printed Composite Structures via Multiphase Direct Ink Writing Mounika Chowdary Kakarla Energy Summer 2021
Perspective Variant Preference-Based Learning with Quadcopter Swarms Calvin Ferraro Data Summer 2021
Monitoring Upright Posture in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease: Foundations for a System to Provide Real-Time Feedback Sabina Minta-Jacobs Health Spring 2021
Designing Personalized Assistive Technology for Student with Cerebral Palsy Gilgal Ansah Health Spring 2021
Factors that Influence Ankle Stiffness During the Stance Phase of Walking Joshua Russell Health Spring 2021
Alternative Promoter Usage Using Transcription Start Sites Mojca Stampar Data Spring 2021
Evaluating How Empathy Optimizes Transparency and Trust in pHRI Qinchen Zha Data Spring 2021
A Novel Approach to Perform Rank-One Updates in Machine Learning Venkata Saisrikar Gudivada Data Spring 2021
Employing Deep Learning and GPS Outdoor Positioning for Vision-Aided mmWave Beam Prediction Tawfik Osman Data Spring 2021
Investigation of Reactive Oxidative Stress Using a Uniaxial Stretch Model to Simulate Physiological Micromotion Induced Cyclic Strain on Brain Juliet Addo Health Spring 2021
Control and Coordination of Multi-Robot Swarm Systems Parth Khopkar Data Spring 2021
Effect of Impurities on Shock-Induced Phase Transformations in Silica Glasses Jonathan Christen Security Spring 2021
Electrocorticography Array for Simultaneous Measurement of Local Field Potentials and Tissue Oxygenation Vishvak Rangarajan Health Spring 2021
3D Printed Indirect Ophthalmoscope Accessory for Mobile Device Dean Spyres Health Spring 2021
How Does Simulated Physiological, Cyclic Stretch Affect Oxygen Demand at Neural Interfaces? Belinda Okomeng Health Spring 2021
Investigating the Effect of Silver Oxide (AgOx) Layer on the Optical and Electrical Properties of a Perovskite-Based Structure/Device Priscilla Agyemang Energy Spring 2021
Modulating Gait Symmetric Adaptation via Split-Belt Treadmill Distortion and Explicit Visual Feedback Distortion and Evaluating the Aftereffects of Adapted Step Length Symmetry Emily Tanner Health Spring 2021
Reprocessable Thermoset Photopolymers in 3D Printing Application Saleh Alfarhan Sustainability Spring 2021
Design of a Controller for a Lizard Inspired Tube Inspection Robot Nihar Masurkar Security Spring 2021
Control of Tissue Homeostasis, Tumorigenesis, and Degeneration by Coupled Bidirectional Bistable Switches Diego Barra Avila Health Spring 2021
The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on the Startle Response Alexander Crawley Health Spring 2021
Cost and Lead Time Reduction of Replacement Piping Using Additive Manufacturing Praveen Silori Sustainability Spring 2021
Propagation of Interictal Spikes in Epilepsy Crispin Foli Health Spring 2021
Performing Phenotypical Studies For An Adaptable Multi-Modality pH-Sensitive Nanoprobe for Real-Time Monitoring of Engineered Cells and Tissues Albert Essuman Health Spring 2021
Additive Manufacturing of Polymeric Material with Metallic Structures via Electrically Assisted Stereolithography Bhushan Ahire Energy Spring 2021
Synthesis on 2D Quantum RTe3 and Characterization to Confirm its CDW States Yashika Attarde Energy Spring 2021
MXene Particle Synthesis and Their Scalability Pruthviraj Vala Energy Spring 2021
Online Prediction for Vision-based Active Pursuit using a Domain Agnostic Offline Motion Model Sumedh Godbole Data Spring 2021
The Use of a Virtual Cane for Improving Standing Postural Stability Vu Phan Health Spring 2021
Engineering High Yield Production of L-Serine in Cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002 Omar Abed Sustainability Spring 2021
Structural Beam Based Stereolithography for Rapid Continuous Additive Manufacturing Krishna Koparde Sustainability Spring 2021
Adversarial Attacks on Autonomous Driving with Physically Realizable Patterns Prasanth Buddareddygari , Security Spring 2021
Fabrication of Oxide-Inclusions in Liquid Metal Nathan Casey Energy Spring 2021
Vibro-Thermal Device for Socio-Emotional Communication through Pattern Generation Shubham Gharat Health Spring 2021
A Novel Approach to Perform Rank-one Updates in Machine Learning Venkata Saisrikar Gudivada Data Fall 2020
Study the Mechanical Properties of Stereolithography 3D printed Polymer Nanodiamond Composite Prathamesh Mhatre Energy Fall 2020
Characterization of the CNT Agglomerate Interphase in a Three-Phase Nanocomposite Alek Pensky Security Fall 2020
Control and Coordination of Multi-Robot Swarm Systems Parth Khopkar Data Fall 2020
3D Printing of Stainless-Steel Replacement Piping for Corrosive and Low-Pressure Environments Venkata Krishnan Sampath Sustainability Fall 2020
Simulation Framework for Driving Data Collection and Object Detection Algorithms to Aid Autonomous Vehicle Emulation of Human Driving Styles Yashaswy Govada Data Fall 2020
Virtual Testing to Determine the Behavior of Orthotropic Materials Daniel Katusele Sustainability Fall 2020
Predicting Flow Function of Bulk-Solids and Powders at Different Size Ranges and Moisture Conditions Anindya Deb Sustainability Fall 2020
Characterization and Modeling of Ankle Impedance During the Stance Phase of Walking Joshua Russell Health Fall 2020
Develop a 3D Printable Nanodiamond Polymer Nanocomposite Resin towards Fabrication of Low Cost Thermally Conducting Devices Kaustubh Alhad Joshi Energy Fall 2020
Study on Human Postural Stability During Upright Standing Using Novel Two-Axis Robotic Platform Vu Phan Health Fall 2020
Non-Toxic Nucleation and Passivation of Silver Nanoparticles on Stainless Steel for Biofouling Control Kiarash Ranjbari Sustainability Fall 2020
Intelligent Surfaces for 5G and Beyond Wireless Communications Anand Pratap Singh Sengar Energy Fall 2020
Engineering High Yield Production of L-Serine in Cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002 Omar Abed Sustainability Fall 2020
Development of A Photo-Responsive Moisture-Absorbent Composite for Atmospheric Water Extraction Xingbang Zhao , Sustainability Fall 2020
Investigation of a polyether urethane-based polymer for promoting bone tissue healing Michelle Loui Health Fall 2020
Zwitterionic Poly (Arylene Ether Sulfone) Membranes for Treatment of Reverse Osmosis Brine by Pervaporation Tejaswi Nori Sustainability Fall 2020
Engineering Novel Microbead Encapsulated Three Dimensional Tumor and Stem Cell Models for Regenerative Medicine Tanya Nanda Health Fall 2020
Modifying the Structure and Capacitive Performance of Holey Graphene by Microwave-Thermal Pretreatment Yan Dou Energy Fall 2020
Design of High-Frequency Large Intelligent Surfaces Using Reflectarrays Sanjay Kumar Vijaya Kumar Energy Fall 2020
Variable Impedance Control of the Robotic Ankle Joint James Arnold Health Fall 2020
Activation Energy Extraction of Electrodeposit Growth in Nanoionic Materials and Devices Amberly Ricks , Energy Fall 2020
Characterization of the CNT Agglomerate Interphase in a Three-Phase Nanocomposite Alek Pensky Security Summer 2020
Develop a 3D Printable Nanodiamond Polymer Nanocomposite Resin towards Fabrication of Low Cost Thermally Conducting Devices Kaustubh Alhad Joshi Energy Summer 2020
3D Printing of Stainless-Steel Replacement Piping for Corrosive and Low-Pressure Environments Venkata Krishnan Sampath Sustainability Summer 2020
Predicting Flow Function of Bulk-Solids and Powders at Different Size Ranges and Moisture Conditions Anindya Deb Sustainability Summer 2020
Development of A Photo-Responsive Moisture-Absorbent Composite for Atmospheric Water Extraction Xingbang Zhao , Sustainability Summer 2020
Novel Solid Fuel Fabrication using Direct Ink Writing based Additive Manufacturing Aaditya Rajendra Raje Sustainability Summer 2020
Electrospun Pretreatment Membranes Husain Mithaiwala Sustainability Summer 2020
Investigating the Impact of Environmental Features on Multi-Agent Communication Laukik Mujumdar Data Summer 2020
Sensing and Controls of an Assistive Knee Exoskeleton Robin Parmentier Health Spring 2020
Deep Brain Stimulation Sarah Soaf Health Spring 2020
Ant-Inspired Control Strategies for Collective Transport by Dynamic Teams with Temporary Leaders Elikplim Gah Data Spring 2020
Learning Deep Neural Interaction Policy for ExoSkeleton Control Dhaivat Dholakiya Data Spring 2020
Investigation into regeneration methods of desiccants for vacuum desiccant cooling David Tome Energy Spring 2020
Three-dimensionally (3D) Printed Bio-inspired Hydrophobic Surfaces for Improving Spray Cooling Technique Nurulhaq Hasan Energy Spring 2020
3D printed Oscillating Flow Mixers to Enhance Heat Transfer in Liquid Cooling Channels Kadiatou Keita Energy Spring 2020
Development of A Polymer Composite With Conductive Abilities For Sensor Application Christopher Amarquaye Energy Spring 2020
Tuning the Hydrophilicity and Porosity of Electrospun Membranes for Pretreatment in Water Filtration Husain Mithaiwala Sustainability Spring 2020
Through-Thickness Interphase Characterization of PMC Heidi Pankretz Sustainability Spring 2020
Creating a Multi-Modal Near Infrared Photoacoustic Fluorescence Microscopy System for In Vivo Imaging Matthew Chrest Health Spring 2020
Gait Sensing using Fabric based Soft Inflatable Actuators and Force Haptic Feedback Souvik Poddar Health Spring 2020
Bicycle Rider Pose Estimation from Physical Human-Robot Interaction Forces Jonathan Bush Data Spring 2020
Magnetic Needle Steering for Minimally Invasive Surgery Alex Petras Health Spring 2020
Analyzing the Effect of Contact Resistance on the Temperature Field Evolution During Resistance Spot Welding Molly Rhodes Energy Spring 2020
Utilizing Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors (HDACi) to Alleviate Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Pathology Glenna Embrador Health Spring 2020
Drone Swarms in Search and Rescue Operations Gautam Sharma Data Spring 2020
Thermodynamic Cycle and Efficiency Analysis of the Thermal Hydraulic Engine David Manford , Energy Spring 2020
Controlling Silver Release from Antimicrobial Surface Coatings for Biofouling Control Kiarash Ranjbari Sustainability Spring 2020
Automated Design of Graded Material Transitions for Educational Robotics Applications Cole Brauer Education Spring 2020
Experimentally Validated DEM Simulations for Conduction Based Heat Transfer in Rotary Drums Filled with Monodispersed Particles at Slow Rotational Speed Bhaumik Bheda Energy Spring 2020
Design of High-Frequency Large Intelligent Surfaces using Reflectarray Antennas Sanjay Kumar Vijaya Kumar Energy Spring 2020
Photosynthetic Fixation of Fermentation Off Gases Raj Kumar Hariharan Energy Spring 2020
Cas9 Mediated Adenosine Transient Reporter for Editing Enrichment Toan Nguyen Health Spring 2020
Needle Tracking System Dakota Edwards Health Spring 2020
New Process with Flexible Perovskite Solar Cell Zhikai Liu , Energy Spring 2020
Variable Impedance as Control Scheme for Enhanced Performance and Stability of Active Ankle Foot Orthosis Omik Save Health Spring 2020
Engineering an Encapsulated 3D Tumor Dormancy Model In Vivo Using NRAS-Mutant Melanoma Cells Tanya Nanda Health Spring 2020
Fabricate Holey Structure to Improve Capacitive Performance of Graphene Yan Dou Energy Spring 2020
Efficient Policy Iteration Architecture for Learning Rollout Policy in POMDP Sahil Badyal Data Spring 2020
DNA Repair Capacity of NRAS-Mutant Melanoma 3D Spheroids Under Oxidative Stress and DNA Repair Inhibition Earl Brown , Health Spring 2020
Activation Energy Extraction of Electrodeposit Growth in Nanoionic Materials and Devices Amberly Ricks , Security Spring 2020
Loperamide Encapsulated Nanoparticles for Evaluating Blood Brain Barrier Permeability Post-Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury Jordan Todd Health Spring 2020
2D Variable Damping Control of the Robotic Ankle Joint to Improve Trade-off between Agility and Stability and Reduce Effort James Arnold Health Spring 2020
Targeting B-cell lymphoma through the use of CAR macrophages Jamie Handlos Health Spring 2020
Experimental Analysis on the Effect of Human Learning on Physical Human-robot Interaction Pallavi Shrinivas Shintre Data Spring 2020
Characterization of Glass Beads: Flowability and Angle of Repose Part II Emily Nugent Sustainability Spring 2020
Phase-field modeling of electromigration-mediated hillock growth in copper interconnects Sree Shivani Vemulapalli Energy Fall 2019
Investigating the Role of Astrocytes on GSC Invasion In A 3D Microfluidic Vascular Tumor Model Emmanuella Adjei-Sowah Health Spring 2020
Wireless ECoG (Electrocorticography) for Intra-operative Neurophysiological Monitoring Dzifa Kwaku Health Fall 2019
Lizard Inspired Pipe Testing Robot Jalpesh Bhadra Security Fall 2019
Towards Portability of Pneumatic Wearable Devices using Low-Volume Inflatable Actuator Composites and a Portable Pneumatic Source Souvik Poddar Health Fall 2019
Thermogalvanic Brick Emmanuel Dasinor Energy Fall 2019
Investigating the Performance of 3D-printed Sorbents for Direct Air Capture of CO2 Terry Obeng-Ampomah , Sustainability Fall 2019
Robot Navigation using Wireless Signals in an Indoor/Outdoor Environment Kshitij Kashettiwar Education Fall 2019
Magnetic Needle Steering for Minimally Invasive Surgery Alex Petras Health Fall 2019
Fabrication of High-performance Carbon Fibers Rahul Franklin Security Fall 2019
Role Adaptation in Robots for Effective Physical Human-Robot Interaction Pallavi Shrinivas Shintre Health Fall 2019
Integration of Renewables and Cost-Efficient Technologies in Transmission Expansion Planning Durga Prasad Reddy Kasireddy Energy Fall 2019
Damage Modes of Carbon Nanotubes Embedded in Epoxy-Resin polymeric Material Yugansh Virmani Energy Fall 2019
Proposed Enhancements to Pavement ME Design: Improved Consideration of the Influence of Subgrade Soils Susceptible to Shrink/Swell on Pavement Performance Mayank Bagtharia Sustainability Fall 2019
Design, Characterization and Manufacturing of Solid-core/Porous-shell Fiber Structures Namrata Kanth Sustainability Fall 2019
Lizard Inspired Tube Inspection Robot Vijay Senthilkumar Sustainability Fall 2019
Regression analysis of lithium-ion battery degradation data Harsh Niraj Sheth Energy Fall 2019
Needle Tracking System Dakota Edwards Health Fall 2019
Wideband Microwave Radar for Autonomous Navigation Timothy Joyce Security Spring 2019
LensCap Jordan Jensen Security Spring 2019
Study of Exfoliation Steps for Copper 2D MOFs Andra Yung Sustainability Spring 2019
An Interactive AR/VR Game Framework for Autonomous Quadcopter Development and Pilot Training. Victor Worlanyo Sustainability Spring 2019
Hydrogen Storage Techniques in Fuel Cell Vehicles Shubham Turakhia Energy Spring 2019
Utilizing Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Conjugated to Biocompatible Gold Nanorods to Enhance Synchronous Beating and Functional Characteristics Similar to in vivo Cardiac Tissue Zachary Ticktin Health Spring 2019
Force Measurement of Basilisk Lizard Running on Water Andrew Sweeney Security Spring 2019
Investigation of Underlying Mechanisms for the Modulation of Multi-dimensional Ankle Stiffness Lee Stadem Health Spring 2019
Lizard Inspired Tube Inspection Robot Vijay Senthilkumar Energy Spring 2019
Sex Differences in Voluntary Control Dynamics of the Knee and Ankle Abraham Rosengard Health Spring 2019
Pore Wetting in Membrane Distillation Kimya Rajwade Sustainability Spring 2019
Characterization of Flexible Heat Sinks Saurabh Prabhu Energy Spring 2019
Applying Developmental Biology Principles to Probe the Mechanisms of Selective Cell Vulnerability in Alzheimer’s Disease Using Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Vineeth Hari Prasad Health Spring 2019
Non-invasive Cellular Detection Using the Photoacoustic Effect Justin Mieth Health Spring 2019
Senescence Phenotype Analysis of Progerin Induced Alzheimer’s Disease Neural Progenitor Cell Line Using Confocal Microscopy Siddhi Bhandarkar Health Spring 2019
Heat Transfer in a Rotary Drum using Infrared Camera Temperature Measurement Brandon Boepple Sustainability Spring 2019
Detection and Tracking of Objects Outside the Line of Sight of a Camera Sreenithy Chandran Security Spring 2019
Formation of Heterostructure Nanoscrolls from 2D Materials for Enhanced Optoelectronic Performance Mu-Tao Chen Energy Spring 2019
ML Phase Prediction of High-Entropy Alloys Wenjiang Huang Energy Spring 2019
LED Based Camera Pose Estimation Sathish Kumar Katukuri Education Spring 2019
Reduction in Soot Emission with Micro-Combustion Abdul Khalid Sustainability Spring 2019
AFM Cantilever Based Near Field Radiation Heat Transfer Measurement Ramteja Kondakindi Energy Spring 2019
Video Motion Magnification to Enhance Speech of Patients with Deteriorated Speaking Ability Mazher Khan Health Spring 2019
Deep Learning of Brain Images for Classifying High-Risk Alzheimer’s Disease Population Harshil Champaneria Health Spring 2019
Synthesis and Characterization of Dual-Phase Inorganic Membranes Richard Nile Sustainability Spring 2019
Active Binocular Vergence-Gaze Control for Visual SLAM Shibin Zheng Security Spring 2019
General Depth Estimation For Machine Vision Using Sparse Depths Anshul Rai Security Spring 2019
Waste Plastic-based and Biomimetic Multifunctional Coatings Rushik Tank Sustainability Fall 2018
Studying Osteogenesis and Mineralization within Hyperglycemic In Vitro Cell Culture Models Andrew D'Arcangelis Health Fall 2018
SRP Polytechnic Solar Utilization James Larson Energy Fall 2018
The effect of corner radius on the mechanical behavior of additively manufactured honeycomb structures Bharath Santhanam Sustainability Fall 2018
Reductive Dechlorination of Trichloroethene(TCE) Sustained by Microbial Chain Elongation Aide Robles Sustainability Fall 2018
Opening Chromatin and Improving CRISPR/Cas9 editing with Engineered Pioneer Factors Syeda Hamna Health Fall 2018
Monolithic silicon module manufacturing Sujyot Mony Energy Fall 2018
Mathematical Programming Models and Algorithms for Landscape Connectivity and Compactness in Conservation Planning Shreyas Ravishankar Sustainability Fall 2018
Investigating Cancer Cell Death and Cell-Signaling Pathways using HSP90 Inhibition and APE1 Inhibition Alexander Maltagliati Health Fall 2018
Hydrogel polymers: An experimental study for forward osmosis desalination Adnan Abdullahi Sustainability Fall 2018
Design And Mechanical Analysis Of Thermogalvanic Brick Benjamin Obeng , Energy Fall 2018
AFM Based Near Field Radiation Heat Transfer Measurement Ramteja Kondakindi Energy Fall 2018
An Interactive AR/VR Game framework for Autonomous Quadcopter Development and Pilot Training. Victor Worlanyo Security Fall 2018
A Comprehensive Study of Sex Difference in Neuromuscular Control of the Knee Joint Subhrajyoti Chaudhuri Health Fall 2018
Sai Doddalla Security Fall 2018
Functionalizing Zirconium-MOFs via Exchange of Low-Valence State Cations Sean McIntyre Energy Fall 2018
Ab Initio Playing Pentagon Puzzles Immanuella Kankam Energy Fall 2018
Design and development of an oxygen-sensitive coating on carbon microelectrode to quantitatively assess pO2 changes around interface using novel siloxane-based MR imaging technique Livia de Mesquita Teixeira , Health Fall 2018
Stochastic Modeling and Optimization to Improve Identification and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease Raquel Camarena Health Spring 2018
Evaluating the Effects of a Negatively-Damped Ankle-Foot Orthosis on Gait Andrew Cook Health Spring 2018
Process Gas Analysis on Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Algae Connor Copp Energy Spring 2018
Turbulent Drag Reduction in Pipes by Spanwise Wall Oscillations Daniel Coxe , Energy Spring 2018
Developing Novel 3D Printed Hydrogel-based Bioinks Andrew D'Arcangelis Health Spring 2018
Modeling the Voluntary Reflex of the Human Ankle Tanner Bitz Health Spring 2018
Around the Corner Imaging at Terahertz Sai Doddalla Security Spring 2018
In Vitro Cell Culture Model on the Influence of Advanced Glycation End-Products and Type 2 Diabetes Lindsey Macias Health Spring 2018
Implementation of Self Adjustable Treadmill Kishen Mahadevan Health Spring 2018
Scalable Manufacturing Processes for Functionalized UV Transparent Nano-Porous Filament Rohith Mathews Sustainability Spring 2018
Point-of-Care Mutation Detection in Navajo Neurohepatopathy Courtney DuBois Health Spring 2018
Haptic Vision Substitution Diane Flores Health Spring 2018
Chat-Box as Mood Analyzer for Individuals with Social Interaction Disabilities Bineeta Gupta Health Spring 2018
Design of Compact Lower Limb Exoskeleton for Gait Assistance Vaibhav Jhawar Health Spring 2018
Algorithms for Learning, Cooperation and Coordination of Multi Agent Systems in the Presence of Uncertainties Karthik Kambam Security Spring 2018
Wearable Antenna System for Touchless Gesture Recognition and Interaction Bharath Kashyap Security Spring 2018
Are Existing Knowledge Transfer Techniques Effective to Train Deep Networks On Edge Devices? Ragini Sistla Education Spring 2018
Training Deep Neural Networks with Quantization and Structured Sparsity Gaurav Srivastava Health Spring 2018
Development of a Conductive Injectable Hydrogel for Cardiac Tissue Engineering. Yuka Sugamura Health Spring 2018
Development of a Battery Management & Charging System for Autonomous UAVs Sami Mian Energy Spring 2018
Large Scale Expansion and Differentiation of Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neural Progenitor Cells from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients Daylin Morgan Health Spring 2018
Aminoglycoside Polymers in Combination Treatments for Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) Studies Harini Muralikrishnan Health Spring 2018
Evaluation of a Soft-Robotic Knee Exosuit for Stair ascent Niveditha Muthukrishnan Health Spring 2018
Disinfection of Water with a UV-Catalyzed TiO2 Reactor Dillon Nys , Sustainability Spring 2018
Real-time Illumination Estimation for Mobile Augmented Reality Siddhant Prakash Education Spring 2018
Reductive Dechlorination of Trichloroethene Sustained by Microbial Chain Elongation Aide Robles Sustainability Spring 2018
Bioresponsive Copolymers of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) with Enzyme-Dependent Lower Critical Solution Temperatures Karime Jocelyn Rosas Gomez Health Spring 2018
Compact Terahertz Real-Time Imaging System Mahmoud Sakr Security Spring 2018
Parametric Design Optimization of Multi-Functional Honeycomb Structures for Additive Manufacturing Bharath Santhanam Sustainability Spring 2018
ZIF-71/PDMS Mixed Matrix Membranes for Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol Separations by Pervaporation Uyen Tong Energy Spring 2018
Sunlight-Induced Structural and Functional Changes in Graphene-Based Composite Materials Zhiwei Xiao Sustainability Spring 2018
Strain and Process Development for Detoxifying Biomass John Tindell Sustainability Spring 2018
Application of Axiomatic Distance Calculation of Incomplete Rankings in Genomics Vishwa Vasani Health Spring 2018