Nurulhaq Hasan

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Saltpond, Central Region, Ghana

Graduation date: Spring 2020

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MORE | Spring 2020

Three-dimensionally (3D) Printed Bio-inspired Hydrophobic Surfaces for Improving Spray Cooling Technique

This study investigates a 3D printing process for bio-inspired structures and their application in spray cooling. This research used a micrometer-scale, digital light processing 3D printing technique to fabricate arrays of microstructures inspired by the morphology of lotus leaf, taro leaf, shark skin, and rib pattern. The manufacturability tests for the microstructures were performed to determine the minimum sizes achievable by the 3D printer. Static contact angles of the printed surfaces were measured to understand how the printing characteristics and geometric parameters affect the surface hydrophobicity. Spray cooling experiment was conducted to evaluate their heat transfer properties.


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