MORE | Fall 2020

Study on Human Postural Stability During Upright Standing Using Novel Two-Axis Robotic Platform

Health icon, disabled. A red heart with a cardiac rhythm running through it.

Quantifying human standing stability under 2-dimensional (2D) dynamically unstable environments is critical since those environments are related to falling and its consequences. This study investigates the standing stability under 2D compliance. The two-axis robotic platform was used to simulate different compliant levels in sagittal and frontal planes. Fourteen young healthy subjects were recruited. Participants were asked to perform normal standing and leaning tasks with eyes-closed or eyes-open. A relatively new measure named virtual time-to-contact was adopted to quantify the stability. The performance of it will be compared to that of other traditional measures including sway area and center-of-pressure total excursion.

Student researcher

Vu Nguyen Phan

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Binh Dinh Province, Vietnam

Graduation date: Spring 2022