Mounika Chowdary Kakarla

Materials science and engineering

Hometown: Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India

Graduation date: Fall 2021

Mounika Kakarla
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MORE | Summer 2021

Manufacture of 3D Printed Composite Structures via Multiphase Direct Ink Writing

Although additive manufacturing is a rapid prototyping technology, the printing resolution for most commercial printers are limited to microscales, especially the lack of high-resolution structural control in the case of polymer/nanocomposites. This research study demonstrated the efficient technology for 3D printing nanocomposites using multiphase direct ink writing (MDIW), a printer designed and assembled in-house. By matching the viscosity of the pure PVA solution and PVA/carbon nanotubes solution, layers in the order of 2n+1 (where n is the number of multipliers in the printing system) are printed and the structure showed the improved strength, modulus, and toughness than the conventional ones.


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