MORE | Fall 2023

Evaluation of Air Retention of 3D printed Biomimetic Super-Hydrophobic Structures

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This research aims to study the air retention properties of Salvinia Molesta, a floating fern, by studying and mimicking its eggbeater structures. Employing electrically assisted vat photopolymerization, the objective is to study and improve the air retention capacity of the artificial superhydrophobic structures. By controlling MWCNTs (Multi Wall Carbon Nanotubes) concentration and their alignment during printing, air stability can be enhanced as it creates nano and micro dual scale roughness and further improves the superhydrophobic properties of the structure. This could lead to the creation of functional surfaces with long-term air layer stability, suitable for applications such as fluid transportation, aquatic microbots, and self-cleaning.

Student researcher

Dhanashree Sargar

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Graduation date: Spring 2024