MORE | Summer 2020

Develop a 3D Printable Nanodiamond Polymer Nanocomposite Resin towards Fabrication of Low Cost Thermally Conducting Devices

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Nanocomposite (NC) resins have demonstrated its capability to improve properties of parts fabricated by stereolithographic (SLA) additive manufacturing (AM) thus fostering their end use application. Nanodiamond (ND) filled acrylate polymers have observed significant improvement in thermal conduction of the NC. However, studies on SLA AM resins involving ND have been rarely found in literature. The researcher aims to investigate the influence of ND functionalization to covalently bond with the base polymer on thermal properties. This is a two-term project, first step of functionalization of ND has been performed successfully & confirmed through Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy.

Student researcher

Kaustubh Joshi

Kaustubh Alhad Joshi

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Graduation date: Spring 2021