MORE | Spring 2021

3D Printed Indirect Ophthalmoscope Accessory for Mobile Device

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Ophthalmoscopes are integral to diagnosing a variety of eye conditions, however, they often come at a hefty cost and are not generally portable making access limited. With the increase in the prevalence of smart devices and improvements to their imaging capabilities, these devices have the potential to benefit areas where specialized imaging infrastructure is not well established. Smart device cameras alone do not have the capability to replace an ophthalmoscope, however, with the addition of lens and optics, it becomes possible to take diagnostic quality images. The goal is to design a modular system that acts as an adapter to a smart device enabling any user to take both retinal images and corneal images with little to no previous experience.

Student researcher

Dean Spyres

Dean Spyres

Engineering (mechanical engineering systems)

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Graduation date: Summer 2021