MORE | Spring 2023

Dual Cationic-Radical RAFT Photo-Polymerization for the Formation of Co-Polymers Under Ambient Conditions

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Multi-material 3D printing as an additive manufacturing technique is growing in importance as a way to produce unique materials in a more sustainable fashion. Current processes are slow and require an inert environment free of oxygen and moisture. Furthermore, these final products are not easily reprocessed. This research explores creative methods to expedite light-controlled RAFT polymerizations via in situ removal of oxygen and moisture through tight ion pairing. The utilization of a RAFT agent improves reprocessability through the reactivation of chain ends allowing the incorporation of additional or alternative monomer units in order to repair or repurpose materials.

Student researcher

Kade Denver Hawkins

Chemical engineering

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Spring 2023