MORE | Fall 2020

Characterization of the CNT Agglomerate Interphase in a Three-Phase Nanocomposite

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This research explores the inhomogeneous interphase properties of three-phase polymer matrix composites (PMC). PFQNM was utilized to detect an abrupt transition in reduced modulus from 8-10 GPa to 4-7 GPa between agglomerated CNT nanoparticles and surrounding epoxy matrix, respectively. Agglomerate stiffness is found to be related to CNT orientation and density. These results verify the potential for nanofillers to influence macroscale properties. Atomic scale quantitative characterization of the interphase zone in PMCs would further clarify the relationship between interphase properties and morphology.

Student researcher

Alek Pensky

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Fall 2020