MORE | Spring 2020

3D printed Oscillating Flow Mixers to Enhance Heat Transfer in Liquid Cooling Channels

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Heat transfer enhancement technique is an area of considerable interest, contributing to advances in heat exchangers and thermodynamic systems. This research investigates advanced passive vortex generators, i.e., oscillating flow mixers, that can actively mix internal flows, improve convective heat transfer, demonstrates 3-dimensional (3D) printing of a millimeter-scale channel heat sink integrated with flow mixers that produce self-sustained oscillations. This innovative heat sink is produced leveraging the design freedom of the 3d-printing. Conduct manufacturability tests for millimeter-scale flow mixers and evaluate their flow mixing performance through flow visualization experiments.

Student researcher

Kadiatou Keita

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Banjul, Brikama, West Coast Region, Gambia

Graduation date: Spring 2020