Vishvak Rangarajan

Biomedical engineering

Hometown: Sunnyvale, California, United States

Graduation date: Spring 2020

Health icon, disabled. A red heart with a cardiac rhythm running through it.

MORE | Spring 2021

Electrocorticography Array for Simultaneous Measurement of Local Field Potentials and Tissue Oxygenation

Nervous tissue is known to be extremely vulnerable to discontinuities of oxygen and energy substrates. The brain must have a constant supply of energy to prevent abnormal behavior because the vasculature of the brain is coupled to neural processing. Understanding the relationship between the two has only recently been of interest to scientists. Electrocorticography (ECog) uses electrodes that are placed in the first layer of the cortex to record electrical activity. An Ecog array has been developed for simultaneous measurement of oxygen tension (PO2) and local field potentials (LFPs) in the first layer of the cortex.


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  • FURI
  • Fall 2019