Sree Shivani Vemulapalli

Materials science and engineering

Hometown: Hyderabad, TL, India

Graduation date: Spring 2020

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MORE | Fall 2019

Phase-field modeling of electromigration-mediated hillock growth in copper interconnects

Miniaturization of device dimensions comes at the cost of increasing microelectronic integrated circuit complexity and operating current densities. The high current densities impart momentum to metal ions triggering atomic diffusion in the direction of electron flow, known as electromigration, leading to circuit breakdown. Hence, it is important to understand the phenomenon of electromigration and predict failure of devices. This research aims at:

  1. Verifying Glickman’s model
  2. Devising a phase-field model for copper interconnects subjected to stresses and a normal electric field.
  3. Predicting morphological evolution of hillocks as a result of electromigration in these interconnects


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