MORE | Spring 2022

Investigation of a Solar Adsorption Refrigeration Unit

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Solar adsorption refrigeration functions through alternating cycles of adsorption and desorption to achieve the cooling effect required. Unlike vapor-compression refrigerators which utilize electricity to function, this one primarily uses solar thermal energy. The system consists of a zeolite adsorbent and uses water as the refrigerant. These are contained within an evacuated glass tube. This project aims to determine the coefficient of performance (COP) of the refrigeration system as well as to find ways to improve this value. A high COP will be achieved by recording as low a temperature as possible in the evaporator/condenser section of the system.

Student researcher

Kudakwashe Nhanga

Kudakwashe Faith Nhanga

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Gweru, Midlands, Zimbabwe

Graduation date: Spring 2022