Symposium archive

Event: Spring 2023

Project Title Participant Mentor Focus Type
Cross-Linking Proteins with Unnatural Amino Acids Zach Regan Health FURI
The Effect of Storage Temperature in Remaining Useful Life of Lithium Ion Battery Maxon Rubin-Toles Energy FURI
Flow Modeling of Placenta-on-a-Chip Jarek Gryskiewicz Health FURI
Closing the Carbon Balance on a CO2-Fixing Membrane Bioreactor Bennett Fisher Sustainability FURI
Real-Time Object Detection Using Image and Lidar Data Vu Nguyen Data FURI
Chemically Recyclable Crosslinked Polydiene Elastomers Based on Thiol-Disulfide Exchange Reactions Abdullah Al Araimi Sustainability FURI
Accessible Education Platform Development for the Employment Assistance and Social Engagement (EASE) Program Crislana Rafael Education FURI
Investigating HTL Decomposition of Microplastics in Soil Abel Zambrano Ortega Sustainability FURI
Ultrawide Bandgap Material for Our Future Power Electronics Jayashree Adivarahan Semiconductor Manuacturing FURI
Incorporation of Metal Nanoparticles in Polypyrrole Flexible Electrodes for Electrochemical Sensing of Dopamine Vanessa Hald Sustainability FURI
Background Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in Soils: Quantification and Implication for TPH Regulation Maxwell Silverman Sustainability MORE
Automated PID Controller Using LabVIEW for Patch-Clamping Experimentation Favian Rios Semiconductor Manuacturing FURI
Potential of Permeable Pavements to Manage Stormwater Runoff in Cities Muneer Al-Rawahi Sustainability FURI
Analysis of Vibrational EELS Datasets to Unravel the Nanoscale Ferroelectric-Ferroelastic Coupling in Oxides Surya Prakash Mandalreddy Semiconductor Manuacturing MORE
Evolving Corynebacterium glutamicum to Accelerate Growth for the Increased Production of Flavonoids Tyler Okane Sustainability FURI
A Novel Method in Processing LiPON for Lithium Ion Battery Wenxi Tang Energy FURI
Engineering Escherichia coli for Sustainable Monoethanolamine Production Pedro Gonzalez Ochoa Sustainability FURI
Dual Cationic-Radical RAFT Photo-Polymerization for the Formation of Co-Polymers Under Ambient Conditions Kade Hawkins Sustainability MORE
Social Navigation for Autonomous Vehicles Sruti Ganti Data FURI
Testing the Effect of 3D Printed Electrolyte Structures on the Oxygen Reduction Reaction Guthrie Demers Energy FURI
Investigating the Impact of Higher Education Faculty’s Mental Health on Student Outcomes Maxwell Johnson Education FURI
Contactless 3D Printing of Artificial Cells in Air for Biomedical Applications Tochukwu Anyigbo Health FURI
3D Printing of Silicon Anode with Bioinspired Porous Structures via Vat Photopolymerization (VPP) for Battery Applications Amal Rai Energy MORE
Developing Meaningful Protein Embeddings Using Structural Information For Use in TCR-Epitope Binding Affinity Prediction Tasks Saajan Maslanka Health FURI
Metal-Organic Frameworks for Hydrogen Storage in Fuel Cell Cars Princess Angeli Dancel Energy FURI
Measuring and Controlling Mobile Ion Concentration to Improve Operational Stability in Perovskite Thin Films Hithesh Rai Purushothama Energy FURI
Can Two-Parameter or Three-Parameter Weibull Model Represent Mechanical Properties and Topology of Interphase in Soft Polymer Nanocomposites? Noah DeCaro Sustainability FURI
Effects of Aluminum Additions on the Plasticity and Fracture Behavior of Zirconium Silicide as a Surrogate for Advanced Nuclear Fuels Ryan Saunders Energy FURI
PiTE II: TCR-epitope Binding Affinity Prediction with Contribution From CDR3-Alpha, V, and J Genes Shreyas Sharma Health FURI
Thermal Stability Characterization of Perovskite Solar Cells Rodrigo Estrada Torrejon Energy FURI
Metal Oxide Alternatives Used in Chlorine Reduction to Hypochlorite for Nitrate Reduction Process Ariana Fong Sustainability FURI
Determining Which Pedagogical Techniques Improve Outcomes in Students with Mental Health Disorder Ruhi Dharan Health FURI
Mitigating Label Bias Through Probabilistic Modeling With Latent Variable Saurav Anchlia Data MORE
Global Supply Chains as Predictors of Activity Rohan Nair Security GCSP research stipend
Data Visualization in Virtual Reality Neha Balamurugan Data GCSP research stipend
Improving Behavior-Based Swarm Control Using Partially Specified Human Preferences Upasana Biswas Data MORE
Active Matrix Memory Module Joshua Hulse Data MORE
The Evolution of the Interphase of Heterogeneous Polymer Nanocomposite Systems with Hygrothermal Degradation Jordan Ehmann Sustainability FURI
Multi-Conditional cGAN Model for Resistance Spot Welding Dataset Srinidhi Budhiraju Data FURI
Interpolating Missing Synthetic Aperture Sonar Measurements Ali Almuallem Security FURI
Flowability of Microcrystalline Cellulose in MFiX Simulations Lidija Buchanan Data MORE
Electromechanical Characterization of Nanomembrane of Soft Polymers with Nanoparticles on Rigid Substrates Alyssa Payne Energy FURI
Plastic Domain of the Stress Field Between Nanoindentation and AFM PFQNM of Heterogeneous Materials Kian Faramarzi Energy FURI
The Effect of a Sports-Playing Background on Fall Risk in Younger Adults Aydin Salek Health FURI
Thermoelectric Material Discovery Using Machine Learning Kevin Coutinho Energy MORE
Assessment of Azide Functionalized RGD Binding in Synthetic PEG Hydrogels for Improvement of Encapsulated Cells’ Metabolic Function Simone Gohsman Health FURI
Tuning the Composition of Perovskite Semiconductor Materials for Building-Integrated Photovoltaics Adianne Alamban Sustainability FURI
Hydrogen Embrittlement Prediction Using Machine Learning Parin Trivedi Sustainability FURI
Tracking the Metabolic Respiration of Geobacter lovleyi, a Dechlorinating and Metal Reducing Bacterium Relevant to Bioremediation Riley Berg Sustainability FURI
Gait Entrainment Using a Soft Robot Hip Exoskeleton Sidhant Das Health MORE
Generating a Clonal Cell Line with an APOJ Knockout Mutation Lauren Baker Health MORE
Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Substituted Zeolites Jared Bridges Energy FURI
Engineering the Cyanobacterial Photosynthetic Electron Transport Chain to Improve Photosynthetic Efficiency Sumant Brahmankar Sustainability MORE
Overexpression of Cyanobacterial Hydrogenase to Increase Biomass Productivity under Light-Limited Conditions Linda Toma Sustainability FURI
Effects of Wearable Exoskeletons on Human Thermophysiological Response Lyle Bartels Health FURI
An Investigation on the Effect of Alkali Source on the Properties of Akali-Activated Mine Tailing Blends Lana Banzon Sustainability FURI
Cavitation Nucleation and Bubble Dynamics in Agarose Soft-gels Concentrations of .3% .75% and 1.1%: Image Analysis Angela Ngo Health FURI
Measuring Mechanical Properties and Robustness of Perovskite Thin Film Energy Devices Kayshavi Bakshi Energy FURI
Optimization of Monocyte-Mimicking Nanoparticles for Precise Targeting of Endothelial Inflammation Kylie Hartana Health FURI
Multiperiod Transmission Expansion Planning with Load Growth Andres Flores Rodriguez Energy MORE
A New Method for Measuring Thin Film Stress Under Operational Conditions to Understand Perovskite Solar Cell Degradation Erin Burgard Energy FURI
Creating an Enzyme Fusion to Improve Succinate Production Dalton Conway Sustainability FURI
Few Shot Learning for TCR-Epitope Binding Affinity Prediction Ajay Kannan Health MORE
Effect of Startle on Functional Tasks Requiring Multi-Joint Coordination Shimona Chokshi Health FURI
Synthesis of Fuel Precursors Using Disposable Face Masks Paul Rulla Sustainability FURI
Impact of Position Information on TCR-epitope Binding Affinity Prediction Model and Its Biological Significance Zishen Wei Health FURI
Sex Differences in the Bilateral Frontal Plane Ankle Stiffness During Standing with Different Weight Bearings Wid Alsabah Health FURI
Automated Core-Loss Tester for Non-Sinusoidal Signals Jacob Anderson Energy FURI
Depolymerization of PET Plastics Using Engineered Bacterium Haley McKeown Sustainability FURI
A Feeding Apparatus to Interrogate Motor Deficits in a Rat Model of Alzheimer’s Disease Akash Kuppravalli Health FURI
Optimization of a Targeted MRI Contrast Agent to Enhance Atherosclerosis Imaging Hanan Alarnous Health FURI
Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) of Compost, Analyzing the Effect with Microplastic and Pesticide Kelly Nguyen Sustainability FURI
Inequity in the Engineering Faculty Workforce: How Marginalized Groups Used Signaling to Hedge from Discrimination Archit Junaghare Education MORE
Emergent Communication in Context-Dependent Scenarios: A Novel Approach to Language Creation Ethan Clark Data MORE
Bilateral Ankle Stiffness Characterization in Frontal Plane for Different Weight Loadings Soe Lin Paing Health MORE
Identification of Freshwater Organisms Using Microwaves Carson Child , Health FURI
Characterizing mechanical Properties of Graphene-Copper Composite Wires David Machbitz Energy FURI
Perovskite-Based Hyperbolic Metamaterials: Synthesis and Characterization Krushitha Reddy Thumukuntla Energy MORE
Characterization of Emerging Devices that will Integrate Memristor and Transistor Functions for Brain-Inspired Computing Priyanka Ravindran Semiconductor Manuacturing FURI
Movement and Quantification of Escherichia coli in a Managed Aquifer Recharge Site Hannah Collins , Health MORE
Numerical Simulations of Atomic Force Microscopy Trials Observing the Effect of Surface Roughness on Tip Health, and Probe Deformation for Soft Materials with Hard Inclusions John Valentine Data FURI
Enhancing Multi-Axis Pulsed Plasma Thrusters Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Plasma Arcs Naman Tibrewal Sustainability FURI
Composition and Dynamics of Microbiomes Involved in Chain Elongation Driven Reductive Dehalogenation Alex Gaura Sustainability FURI
Investigating Microbial Biodegradation of 6PPD and 6PPD-quinone Ryan Koenig-Vinicombe Sustainability FURI
The Impact of Persuasion Methods on Student Performance and Mental Health in University Setting Daniella Pautz Education MORE
Assessing pH Gradients in Geobacter Biofilms in Order to Optimize Energy Output Jordan Coulam Energy MORE
Exploring the Physics of Resistive-Switching Behavior in Emerging Two-Dimensional Hexagonal Boron Nitride (2D h-BN) Memristors Hailey Warner Semiconductor Manuacturing FURI
A Quantitative Study on the Effect of Rotation Rate on Radiation Heat Transfer in a Rotary Drum Joel Tronstad Energy FURI
Design Optimization of a Lizard-Inspired Tube Inspection Robot Drake Morris-Sjolund Energy FURI
Gate Driver Optimization for a Miniaturized Data Center Power Supply Humberto Delgado Energy FURI
Using Smart-Device Metrics to Inform Music Streaming Niklas Doyle Health FURI
Using Machine Learning to Predict Ideal SAC-Surface Composition to Facilitate Electrocatalytic Nitrate Reduction Matthew Shaffer Sustainability FURI
3D Printing of Kirigami Conductors Katherine Alcazar Energy FURI
Optimal Power Allocation in Cellular Networks Through Machine Learning Brandon Taylor Data FURI
Characterizing Anti-Perovskite Films for Solid-State Electrolytes in Batteries Gabriel Adams Energy FURI
Open-Air Manufacturing of Robust Perovskite Thin Films Enabled by Food Industry Additive Carsen Cartledge Energy FURI
Curating, Organizing, and Analyzing Neural Signals of Human Speech Tushar Tyagi Health GCSP research stipend
Accessible Platform Development using Integrative Technology for Neurodiverse Students Jacob Underwood Education FURI
Investigating the Effectiveness of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) on Motor Training and the Potential Role of Placebo Keston Kajitani Health FURI
Parametric Modeling and Sizing of Small Fixed-Wing UAVs Lucas Van Noord Data FURI
Convection-Based Calibration Procedure for Thermal Manikin Heat Flux Sensors in Extreme Heat Conditions Daniel Martinez Health FURI
Lower Critical Solution Temperatures of PEG-PPG Polyurethanes Tina Ton Health FURI
Effect of CeO2 Pellet Morphology in E-Field Enhanced CO2 Splitting Alonzo Mendez Sustainability FURI
Optimization and Durability Study of Alkali-Activated Concrete Composed of Blast Furnace Slag, Mine Tailings, and Carpet Fiber Tsegazeab Tedla Sustainability FURI
App-Based Remote RF Coil Monitoring System in MRI Scanners Chavalchart Herabut Health MORE
How to Apply Volumetric Capture Technology to Bring Authentic Human Performances into Virtual Worlds by Using Multiple Cameras to Capture the Footage of a Person from Different Viewpoints in More Approachable Ways Kushal Chachan Data FURI
Predicting Public Opinions on Pop Music Using Machine Learning and Audio Features Nicolas Burton , Data FURI
3D Printing of Functionalized Piezoelectric Materials for Sensor Applications Chayaank Ravishankar Health MORE
Data Analysis and Modeling for Additive Manufacturing Zhengbin Chen Data FURI
Dual-Component Structure for Selective Pollutant Decomposition via Photocatalysis Mikiye Lamansky Sustainability MORE