Neha Balamurugan

Computer science

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Spring 2024

Additional details: Honors student

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GCSP research stipend | Spring 2024

Immersive Learning Architectures: Template-Driven VR Education

In the culmination of several semesters dedicated to enhancing educational experiences through virtual reality (VR), this research pivots towards establishing a foundation for sustainable and scalable VR applications. Building on a diverse portfolio of immersive tools — including a 3D graph visualizer, climate data globe, and interactive portal — this semester’s work is concentrated on templating these innovations to facilitate ease of replication and adaptation for future projects. Additionally, the creation of a virtual showcase serves not only as a repository of the lab’s pioneering work but also as an interactive showcase that encapsulates the breadth of VR’s potential in transforming learning paradigms. This endeavor also sets a precedent for future work in the domain, emphasizing the critical role of replicability and sustainability in the ongoing evolution of immersive learning technologies.


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Additional projects from this student

Researching and developing virtual reality tools can enhance learning by fostering immersive and data-driven educational experiences.


  • GCSP research stipend
  • Fall 2023

Designing interactive virtual reality tools that visualize scientific diagrams can improve learning capacity by providing immersive learning experiences.


  • GCSP research stipend
  • Spring 2023