FURI | Spring 2023

A New Method for Measuring Thin Film Stress Under Operational Conditions to Understand Perovskite Solar Cell Degradation

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Perovskite is the new and upcoming material in the solar energy field. However, improvements in stability are necessary to create a marketable product. The perovskite ink has been modified to accommodate the viscosity requirements for blade-coating applications, but the resulting effects of the additives on material stress are not yet known. This research project focuses on the effects that different concentrations of gellan gum additive (3.5mg/L, 1.8mg/L, 1.1mg/L) has on the stress measurement of a sample cell (silver, glass, perovskite layers) when exposed to 15 minutes of on and off sunlight cycles.

Student researcher

Erin Burgard

Environmental engineering

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Spring 2024