Jordan Ehmann

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Tempe, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Spring 2024

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FURI | Spring 2023

The Evolution of the Interphase of Heterogeneous Polymer Nanocomposite Systems with Hygrothermal Degradation

For the first half of the semester, a literature review has been conducted. The interphase in nanocomposites determines the mechanical properties of the bulk material. Properly characterizing the extent and properties of the interphase can be challenging due to the stress interaction effect. David W. Collinson et al. developed a novel method to determine if changes in the modulus profile are due to the presence of interphase or stress interaction effects [1]. If the method detects interphase, then it can quantify the interphase size. Polymer matrices reinforced with fibers are commonly used in aerospace applications. They provide an excellent weight-to-strength ratio. Many studies have explored the effects of hygrothermal aging on composites. Few have studied the effects on pure epoxy resin and even fewer on the long term. Lulu Liu et al. investigated the effects of hygrothermal aging of pure epoxy resin [2]. This study provides a novel method for predicting hygrothermal aging on a microscopic level. Further investigation is needed to understand the effects of long-term hygrothermal aging on polymer nanocomposites.


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