Jarek R. Gryskiewicz

Biomedical engineering

Hometown: Chandler, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Spring 2023

Health icon, disabled. A red heart with a cardiac rhythm running through it.

FURI | Spring 2023

Flow Modeling of Placenta-on-a-Chip

This project seeks to advance the Weaver Lab’s placenta-on-a-chip project. This microfluidic, 3D-printed chip will be used to evaluate human placental dynamics in vitro. The chip is printed using a FormLabs 3+ Printer with clear resin and conjoined through thermal adhesion with a microscope slide, after which the team will sterilize the chip so that it can be used for in-vitro testing with live cells. We hypothesize that by doing flow modeling on SOLIDWORKS we will gain a better understanding of how thick to make the channels and the pressure at which we should inject fluid into the chip.


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3D printing may be an easy, high-throughput means of generating an on-a-chip platform to study placental mechanisms.


  • FURI
  • Spring 2022