Symposium archive

Event: Summer 2022

Project Title Participant Mentor Focus Type
The Application of Four Bar Linkages in a Passive Robotic Balancing Mechanism Eric Nelson Education FURI
Engineering a Photosynthetic Microbe for Chemical Production Jackson Comes Sustainability FURI
Engineering Corynebacterium glutamicum with Malonate Pathway for Optimizing Flavonoid Production Juhi Khandelwal Sustainability FURI
Testing the Effect of Water Temperature and Disinfectants on Biofilm Formation by Different Bacteria in Different Pipe Materials Bita Kolahi Kouchaki Health MORE
Removal of Acetaminophen from Water Using Electrochemical Analysis Andrei-Dominic Regorgo Sustainability FURI
Use of Octopus Arm Muscle for Bioinspired Soft Robotic Arm Robin Koshy Mathews Sustainability MORE
Driving Safety Performance Assessment Metrics for ADS-Equipped Vehicles and Scenarios Testing Damandeep Singh Data FURI
Vat Photopolymerization of Smart Meta-Structures with Highly Removable and Recyclable Supportable Polymers Prakhar Ghirnikar Sustainability FURI
Assessment of Mode I/II Fracture Technique (NASA) and Novel Fracture Technique at ASU Aditi Tata Security FURI
Micropatterning of Nanoparticles via Multi-Phase Direct Ink Writing (MDIW) Varunkumar Thippanna Energy MORE
Development of In-Line Inspection (ILI) Robot for Pipeline Using Structural Health Monitoring Using Computer Vision and Deep Learning Techniques Rohith Kalyan Kavadapu Energy MORE
Automated Magnetic Core Loss Tester Jacob Anderson Energy FURI
Engineering Electrified Water Disinfection via On-Site Electrochlorination Dominic Varda Sustainability FURI
Effect of Durability on Multiscale Properties of Interphase and Delamination Using AFM and Novel Facture Toughness Characterization Techniques on Carbon Fiber Samples Under Accelerated Aging Conditions for up to 7 Years Yesenia Orozco Security FURI
Correlations Between Deep Brain Stimulation of the Subthalamic Nucleus, Blood Flow, Oxygenation, and Neural Activity Sonja Brett Health MORE
Engineering of a Microbe for the Sustainable Production of Environmentally Friendly Solvents Amogh Deshpande Sustainability FURI
Low Power Intrusion Detection By Measuring Electric Field Disturbances Truman Padgett Security FURI
RNA’s Higher Order Structure and Its Effect on Stability and Function for Medical Application Louis Moon Health FURI
A Causal Approach to Predicting Medical Conditions in Machine Learning Brian Lee Health FURI
Short and Aligned Fiber Filament for 3D-Printed, High-Performance Composites Arunachalam Ramanathan Education MORE
Optimization of PEG-Polyurethane Polymers for Biomedical Applications Gabriel Zdrale Health MORE
Exploratory Data and Root Cause Analysis for Semiconductor Testing Rajeev Vemuri Data FURI
Open-Source Cost-Effective 3D-Printed Anthropomorphic Neuroprosthetics Tilak Raj Thanga Raj Health GCSP research stipend