Symposium archive

Event: Summer 2021

Project Title Participant Mentor Focus Type
Automated Traffic Incident Detection and Driver Behavior Analysis Wei Wang Data FURI
Unintentional Costs of Vehicle Warning Modality for Driving Hazards Morgan McAlphin Data FURI
Identification of Critical Habitat for Western Yellow-billed Cuckoos Through an Operations Research Modeling Approach Ameya Thatte Sustainability FURI
Autonomous Vehicle Object Detection on LiDAR Point Cloud Using Deep Learning Model Vu Nguyen Data FURI
An Analysis of Callisto Insertion Methods for a Spacecraft Utilizing a Space Elevator Trajectory Derek Gregson Sustainability FURI
Passive Haptic Learning as a Reinforcement Modality for Information Joseph Kong Education FURI
Towards the Development of a Longitudinal Rehabilitation Study for Postural Stability in Children with Cerebral Palsy Connor Phillips Health GCSP research stipend
Data Offloading in 5G Wireless Networks John Heggland Data FURI
Drug Delivery in the Brain Using Iontophoresis through Microscale Pipettes to Modulate Single Cell Function Elizabeth Jitendran , Health FURI
Development of a Feedback-Based Control Algorithm for Maximum Power Point Tracking through Load Management Kelvin Tan Energy FURI
Study of Direct, Jupiter Insertion Orbits from Space Elevators Gene Luevano Sustainability FURI
Effectiveness of Algal-Derived MgO-Biochar Nanocomposites for Nitrate and Phosphate Removal from Water Eric Petronella Sustainability FURI
Bioengineering Corynebacterium glutamicum for the Synthesis of Short-Chain and Long-Chain Esters Danika Kartchner Sustainability FURI
Jupiter Orbital Transfer/Colonization Benjamin King Sustainability FURI
Enabling Horizontal Burrowing of a Multi-Segment Soft Robot Alexandria Ardente Sustainability FURI
Removal of Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) from Water by Ion Exchange (IX) Christian Kassar Sustainability MORE
Development of a Genome Editing Tool to Target Modulation Genes In Vascular Smooth Muscle Tissue Chamonix Michaud Health FURI
Inference of Brain Morphology from Spatial Gene Expression Connor Sanderford Data FURI
Synthesis of Porous Carbons Using Disposed Facemasks for the Recovery of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Nutrients from Wastewater Sara Curry Sustainability FURI
Enabling Circular Economies of Recyclable Materials Through Matrix Completion Charan Rajagopal Data MORE
Hydrolysis of Cellulose With Engineered Recombinant Bacillus Subtilis William Ederer Sustainability FURI
Engineering of Light-Based Promoters with PACE and eVOLVER Continuous Culture Hardware Ashley Tse Health FURI
Light-Activated Sealants for Internal Organ Repair and Healing Antara Sira Health FURI
High-Speed 3D Printing of Electroactive Hydrogel for Soft Robotics Michael Schelp Health FURI
Energy Absorption in Aperiodic Cellular Materials Alexander Potts Sustainability FURI
Learning Complex Behaviors from Simple Behaviors: An Analysis of Behavior-Based Modular Design for RL Agents Kevin Jatin Vora Data MORE
A Soft Robotic Hip Exosuit (SR-HExo) to Enable Entrainment during Human Locomotion Lily Baye-Wallace Health MORE
Genetically Engineering the Microalgae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to Sequester Arsenic from Contaminated Groundwater: ASU International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition Project Emma Lieberman Sustainability GCSP research stipend
A Systematic Study on Quantifying Bias in GAN-Augmented Headshot Data Denis Liu Data FURI
Manufacture of 3D Printed Composite Structures via Multiphase Direct Ink Writing Mounika Chowdary Kakarla Energy MORE
CK2 Phosphorylation of Tom22: Conserved or Convergently Evolved? Kamawela Leka Health GCSP research stipend
Designing an Affordable Torsional Spring for a Rotary Series Elastic Actuator Seth Altobelli Health FURI
Perspective Variant Preference-Based Learning with Quadcopter Swarms Calvin Ferraro Data MORE
Effects of Crosslinker Molecular Weight on Mechanoresponsive Polymer Nanocomposites Andrew Richards Security FURI
Synthesis and Characterization of Immunomodulatory Microparticles for the Induction of Tolerance Against Dietary Antigens Brian Aguilar Health FURI