Osei Boateng Dua

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Daboase, Western Region, Ghana

Graduation date: Spring 2021

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FURI | Summer 2020

Extending the Use of a Portable Spectrometer to Measurement of Photo-Luminescence

The research focused on designing a variant of a portable device (spectrometer) that can possibly help in identifying the nature of an object/substance. For example, identifying whether someone’s skin is cancerous or whether a household supply has gone bad. It was revealed that photoluminescence, a potential means of anomaly detection, is actually feasible in a miniature model. With further refinement, the photoluminescence spectrometer can be applied in identifying irregularities and subsequently categorizing these for easy interpretation – be it spoilt milk or fresh milk, or even cancerous or healthy skin. I recommend refining the spectrometer and carrying out more experiments.


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