FURI | Spring 2018

Design and Development of a Safe and Effective Upper Gastrointestinal Foreign Body Extraction Device

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Current limitations in gastrointestinal foreign body extraction devices cause the removal of esophageal food impactions to take 30-90 minutes and involve upwards of nine devices. The product development team is developing the EndoViper upper gastrointestinal foreign body extraction medical device. EndoViper provides an innovative solution to esophageal food bolus impactions using industry standard best practices and quality systems. The device will provide a safer and more efficient method for food bolus extraction, providing procedure time savings and faster procedure room turnover. EndoViper will also reduce average labor costs, duration of anesthesia, and decrease the risk of complications.

Student researcher

Portrait of Pina, Christopher

Christopher Pina

Biomedical engineering

Hometown: Dover, Delaware

Graduation date: Spring 2018