Symposium archive

Event: Spring 2022

Project Title Participant Mentor Focus Type
Creative Frameworks: Leveraging Deep Learning and Data Analysis to Create Accessible Artistic Technologies Joshua Pardhe Data FURI
Multiphase 3D Printing with Shape Memory Property for Untethered Actuation Darius Hampton-Ross Sustainability FURI
Creative Frameworks: Leveraging Deep Learning and Data Analysis to Create Accessible Artistic Technologies Kang Yi Lim Data FURI
Fine-Tuning Pre-Trained Models to Determine Model Superiority for Enhanced Medical Image Diagnosis Daniella Asare Health MORE
Secure Tracing With Dendrite Vision: Computer Vision Methods For Matching Dendritic Identifiers Within The Supply Chain Baaz Jhaj , Data FURI
Geochemically Inspired Synthesis of Mesoporous Silica Langston Tillman Sustainability FURI
Movement and Quantification of E. coli in a Managed Aquifer Recharge Site Hannah Collins Health FURI
Assaying the Effect of Knock-Down of Ubiquitin-Specific Proteases in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Margarito Hernandez Fuentes Health FURI
Chemotherapeutic Drug-Conjugated Microbead Technology for Selective Binding with Methylated and Unmethylated Small DNA in the Application of Disease Detection and Biomanufacturing Alyssa Kritz Health FURI
Analyzing Parameters Optimum for a Highly Sensitive Analyte Sensor in a Point of Care Medical Device Utkarsh Desarda Health FURI
Elucidating the Role of Ultraviolet Weathering and Biofilm Formation on the Adsorption of Micropollutants onto Microplastics Kartik Bhagat Sustainability MORE
Treated Waste Plastics: A Solution for Enhancing the Performance of Concrete Construction Susanna Westersund Sustainability FURI
Using Kinematic Analysis to Identify Loci of Improvement During Functional Motor Skill Training Britney Hill Health FURI
Using Batched Rays to Enable Higher Resolution Reconstruction of Computed Tomography Images Ali Almuallem Health FURI
Variable Stiffness as Control Scheme for Enhancing Active Ankle Foot Orthosis Kevin Abishek Health MORE
Analysis of Additively Manufactured Sintered Wicks for Use in Developing Heat Pipes Zachary Goode Sustainability FURI
Object Detection and Tracking for a Pursuit-Evasion Scenarios Tilak Raj Thanga Raj Security FURI
Quantifying the Trends in Wind Speed and Wind Power Potential in Arizona Reed Schill Sustainability FURI
Viability of Magnets and Robotics on Advanced Surgeries James Ross Health FURI
Effect of Bimodal Sensory Integration on Reactionary Impulsivity Brian-Kalani Headen Health FURI
Researching Reusable Water Bottle Cleaning Techniques to Provide Sustainable and Safe Access to Clean Water for the Homeless Population in the Phoenix Area Patrick Farley Sustainability GCSP research stipend
Financial, Logistical, and Environmental Analysis of Reusable Water Bottle Filling and Cleaning Device for the Homeless Population in Phoenix Mark Agoston Sustainability GCSP research stipend
Autonomous Driving World Map Auto-Generation for CARLA Simulator Using OpenStreetMap Amir Tavakkoli Security FURI
Lesion Detection using Three-Dimensional CBCT Image Segmentation using Deep Learning Ajey Musuwathi Rajkumar Health MORE
Designing an Automated Soldering Station to Solder Copper-Ribbons onto PV Cells Deepit Arora Energy GCSP research stipend
Characterizing CO₂ Utilization Rates Across Different Cyanobacteria Strains under Varying Light Intensities by a Novel Mass Balance Approach Sean Innes Sustainability MORE
Efficient Adsorption of the Macronutrients with the Help of Graphene and Oxidized Derivatives Abhishek Kumar Sustainability MORE
Development of Biomimetic Nanoparticles for Highly Efficient CRISPR Delivery Michelle Mungaray Health MORE
Decentralized Multiagent Reinforcement Learning Dhanush Giriyan Data FURI
Characterizing Postural Stability During Smartphone Use on Dynamically Unstable Environments William Noll Health FURI
Improving Fabrication of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Kristina Phillips Energy FURI
Design of Mixed-Signal Circuit Board for RRAM (Resistive Random-Access Memory) Crossbar Testing Jaafar Al Shamari Data FURI
Using 3D Printing to Develop a Placenta-on-a-Chip Model Jarek Gryskiewicz Health FURI
Improvement of the MaRTiny: A Low-Cost Thermal Sensing Device Kayshavi Bakshi Sustainability FURI
Detecting and Analyzing Physical Movements Using Machine Learning Rachel Hayes Health FURI
Optimal Task-Allocation Algorithms for Multi-Tethered (MuTheR) Robots: Traditional Versus Timing Formulation Walter Goodwin Data FURI
Investigation of a Solar Adsorption Refrigeration Unit Kudakwashe Nhanga Energy MORE
Characterization of Adhesive Peptide Binding Efficacy in SPAAC and Michael-Type Addition PEG Hydrogels to Support Encapsulated Pancreatic Islet Cell Viability Keven Sepulveda Health FURI
Investigating How Training Improves Dexterous Finger Force Control Emmanuella Tagoe Health MORE
Using Machine Learned Forces and Energies to Improve Quantum Mechanical Simulations Matthew Hayes Sustainability FURI
Optimization of Compression Cell Geometry to Maximize Pressure Generation in Elastomers During Total Scattering Experiments via Finite Elements Jake Trenter Security FURI
Voice Command Object Localization with Spatial Audio and IoT Devices Lucy Song Data FURI
Radiative Sky Cooling from Visibly Transparent High-Emissivity Glass Window Antonio Trujillo Energy MORE
Filtering MRI Images to Improve Pharmacokinetic Modeling of GdDO3NI in Brain Tumors Jonathan Scirone Health FURI
Enhanced Collaboration Through Group-Based Virtual Reality Experiences Brayden Jenkins Education FURI
Characterization of Synaptic Electronic Devices for Brain-Inspired Computing Systems Sritharini Radhakrishnan Data FURI
Graph-Guided Assembly and Typing of the HLA Alleles from RNA-seq Data Shayna Mallett Health FURI
Analyzing the Features and Efficacy of Classification Models for Physiological Stress Prediction Allen Lin Data FURI
Fatigue Analysis of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V for Biomedical Applications: Permanent Bone Screws Luke Hase Health FURI
Further Calibration and Reconfiguration of Single-Stage Gas Gun for Impact Studies Cole Errico Security FURI
Assessment of Quali and Takayanagi Models for Evaluation of 2D Membrane Mechanical Properties Samuel Perrino Security FURI
3D Printing Ultra-High-Performance Concrete Thomas Daman Sustainability FURI
Development of URCHIN: An Autonomous Multi-Agent Framework for Extraterrestrial Exploration and Geological Sample Collection Andrea Schoonover Data FURI
Modeling Deviation in Bending Direction of a Soft Arm Manipulator Using Regressive Neural Networks Aaryan Bhardwaj Health MORE
3D-Printed Electroactive Hydrogel-Based Microgripper for Biomedical Applications Sonia Hernandez Health MORE
Improving Quorum Sensing by Multi-Level Controller in Cyanobacteria Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002 Nathan Miller Sustainability FURI
Synthesis of a Janus Particle with Gold Nanoparticles and Vesicle-like Mesoporous Silica Christabel Arthur Health MORE
Assessment of Native Chain-Elongating Microorganisms in Aquifer Materials from a Superfund Site Maxwell Silverman Sustainability FURI
Passive Exoskeleton for Sit-To-Stand and Stand-To-Sit Transfer Jake Okun Health FURI
Investigation of Inflammation Behavior of Aminoglycoside-Based Polymer Library Garrett Moormann Health FURI
A Decision Support System for Urban Canopy Selection Maya Muir Data FURI
Engineering Corynebacterium glutamicum for the Production of Naringenin Andrew Reed Sustainability FURI
CFD Visualization Using Augmented Reality Parin Trivedi Education FURI
Gait and Balance Comparison Between Young and Elderly Adults: Minimizing Fall Risk Jorge Campo Teruel Health FURI
Sample Preparation and Microstructure Characterization of Novel Ceramic Matrix Composites Rayva Ranade Energy FURI
Engineering of a Microbial Host for the Secretion of Biomass-Degrading Enzymes Amogh Deshpande Sustainability FURI
Determining the Chemical Composition of Toner Used by ASU Photocopiers Jasmine Chase Sustainability FURI
Optimizing Vendor Mix at the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market Raphael David Data GCSP research stipend
Transfecting B35 Neuroblastoma Cells with Optogenetic Protein for Micropipette Excitation Christina Aridi Health FURI
Monocular 3D Object Detection for Traffic Analysis Himanshu Pahadia Data MORE
The Effects of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Network Interphase and Properties in Buckypaper Membrane on Fracture Toughness Using Atomic Force Microscopy Rohan Raman Security FURI
Investigation of Mechanical Strength of Alkali-Activated Mine Tailing Zayaan Bharucha Sustainability FURI
Characterization of Trophoblast Derived Exosomes to Engineer an Immunomodulatory Macroencapsulation Device for Cell Therapies Alfonso Serrano Vicente Health FURI
Viability and Metabolic Function of INS-1E Cells in Synthetic PEG Hydrogels Suitable to Injection Molding Biofabrication Simone Gohsman Health FURI
Modeling Saffman-Taylor Instability to Guide Material Selection for Dendritic Identification Tags Brian Ridenour Data FURI
Selective Adsorption of CO2 in Mg-MOF-74 Under Humid Conditions Jingzhi Xue Sustainability FURI
High Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Additively Manufactured Thin Wall Inconel 718 Andrew Sarrasin Sustainability FURI
Statistical Analysis of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Network Properties in Low Weight Percentage Nanocomposite Materials Sasha Oswald Data FURI
Understanding Novel Physical Properties of One-Dimensional Disordered Hyperuniform Metamaterials David Keeney Security FURI
3D-Printing Ceramic-Based Solid-State Electrolytes Nathan Fonseca Sustainability FURI
Expanding Injection Molding Biofabrication to Generate Complex Three-Dimensional Cell Encapsulation Geometries Blake Browning Health MORE
Evaluation of Shrinkage Cracking in Slab-Wall Systems Atharwa Samir Nimbalkar Sustainability MORE
Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired for Navigating Cluttered Environments Devesh Nath Health FURI
Virtual Testing Environment for Flexible Drone Flight Simulation and Design Analysis Nicholas Rocchi Data FURI
A Soft Drone for Whole Body Perching Hatvi Thakkar Energy FURI
Multi-Constraint Optimization and Co-Design of a 2-MHz All-GaN based 1kW 96% Efficient LLC Converter Nitish Jolly Energy MORE
Simulating Scarcity in Virtual Reality Sameer Reza Education FURI
Trophoblast-On-Chip Model Nisong Monyimba Health MORE
Enhanced Control of Microbial Cometabolism of Organic Pollutants Skye Palar Sustainability FURI
Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer Between Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanotubes Vishwa Krishna Rajan Energy MORE
Development of an in vitro Model for the Identification of Volatile Biomarkers of Pneumonia Paula Phan Health FURI
Weibull Analysis of Dry CNT Network Interphase Thickness in 2D Buckypaper Membrane Conor Hedman Energy FURI
Assessing the Effect of Overparameterization in Quantum Neural Networks Ryan Schwartz Data FURI
Boosting TCR and Epitope Binding Affinity via Supervised Contrastive Loss Nicholas Moran Health FURI
Sensing Crystallinity During Non-Isothermal Melt Crystallization Processes in Semicrystalline Polymers Maya Cabello Sustainability FURI
An Inexpensive and Simple Optical Sensor System for Lab-Based Rapid Testing Chau Nguyen Health FURI
Quantification of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in a Managed Aquifer Recharge System Lucien Dieter Health MORE
Energy Absorption of Standard and Origami-Inspired Honeycomb Structures Robert Buessing Sustainability FURI
VivyNet: A New Approach to Creating AI-Generated Music Benjamin Herrera Data FURI
Synthesis and Characterization of PEG-Polyurethane for Biomedical Applications Gabriel Zdrale Health FURI
Flow Visualization of Laminar Mixed Convection in Transparent 3D-Printed Channels Nadine Tim Sustainability MORE
Assessing Visuospatial Function Using the Shepard-Metzler Mental Rotation Task in an Online 3D Mode Randy Essikpe Health MORE
Drainage Flow of a Viscous Compressible Fluid (Gas) from a Small Curved Narrow Conduit Jackson Opoku Sustainability MORE
3D Printing of Bioinspired Damage-Tolerant Ceramic Matrix Composite Stephanie Kim Sustainability FURI
Molten Salt Screening for Electrically Enhanced CO2 Splitting with Ceria Olivia Tamburro Sustainability FURI
Optimizing the Design of Structural Joints for Use in Composite UAV Structures Zachary Norris Energy FURI
Disaggregation of Time Series Energy Consumption Data of Residential Buildings Using Data Analytics Approaches Grace Aduve Energy MORE
Effectiveness of Waist Vibrotactile Feedback for Improving Posture Balance Kwanghee Jo Health MORE
Effect of Fused Deposition Modeling Printing Parameters on Mechanical and Thermal Behavior of PLA/Nanodiamond Composite Nikhitha Poornabodha Health MORE
Implementation of Mechanophores into Shape Memory Polymers to Create Self-Sensing, Self-Healing Composite Materials Molly Pavey Sustainability MORE
Assessing Organic Farm Nutrient Management Emma Bonham Sustainability MORE
Analysis of Small Cell Lung Cancer-Specific Volatile Organic Compounds in Hypoxic Conditions Youssef Abdellatif Health FURI
Flexible Fractal-Inspired Metamaterial for Head Imaging at 3 Tesla MRI Samantha Sokol Health FURI
Covalent-Organic-Framework Polymerization and its Crystallinity Emmie Benard Sustainability FURI
Chemically Recyclable Poly(Thiol-Ene) Elastomers Connor Williamson Sustainability FURI
Monte Carlo Simulations of Dense Particle Packings: Applications to Material Self-Assembly and Batteries Justine Ilyssa Vidallon Energy FURI
Lignocellulosic Characterization of a Sulfate-Reducing Biochemical Reactor Treating Mining-Influenced Water Caleb McLaughlin Sustainability FURI
Recycling of Plastic Waste for Additive Manufacturing Moses Duah Sustainability MORE
Providing Comprehensive Therapy for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder by Using a Virtual Reality Application Gil Ruiz Education FURI
Cryogenic Electron Tomography and 3D Reconstructions of the Intracellular Extracellular Nanowire Interface of Geobacter Sulfurreducens Anna Mangus Energy MORE
Crosslinked Polyethylene (XLPE) Recycling via Foam Engineering Mohammed Bawareth Sustainability FURI
Unintentional Costs of Vehicle Alert Modality for Driving Hazards Morgan McAlphin Data FURI