Symposium archive

Event: Fall 2023

Project Title Participant Mentor Focus Type
Developing an Assistive Education Tool for Data Visualization Jai Narula Education MORE
Autonomous Vehicle Simulation Scenarios Mohsin Zaidi Data FURI
Revolutionizing UAV Technology: Innovative Low-Cost Design for Enhanced Data Collection and Surveillance Dimitra Manatou Data FURI
An Investigation of the Effect of Storage Temperature on Secondary Battery Shelf Life Byung Gik Park Energy FURI
Development of Non-Overshooting Model Predictive Control with Terminal Constraints and/or Costs Rohan Khaire Energy MORE
Accessible Education Platform Development for the Employment Assistance & Social Engagement (EASE) Program Crislana Rafael Education FURI
Scaling of All-Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells through Improved Thermomechanical and Optoelectrical Stability Hanson Nguyen Energy GCSP research stipend
Scaling of All-Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells through Improved Thermomechanical and Optoelectrical Stability Hanson Nguyen Energy FURI
Immersive and Interactive Visualizations using Virtual Reality Neha Balamurugan Data GCSP research stipend
Accelerating the Discovery of High-K Oxides for Future Generations of Semiconducting Devices through Computational Simulations Cristo Lopez Semiconductor Manuacturing FURI
Energy Optimization and Scalability for a Millimeter-Wave Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Nathan Young Energy FURI
Lithium-Ion Battery Degradation and State of Health Evaluation for Second-Life Applications Alexandra McWatters Energy FURI
Extracting Mass Moments of Inertia of Non-Uniform Objects Using a Trifilar Pendulum Harry Helmen Education FURI
Improving Succinate Production in E. coli through Substrate Channeling Dalton Conway Sustainability FURI
Closed-Loop Control for High Frequency Variable Inductor System Michael Leef Energy FURI
Overexpression of Cyanobacterial Hydrogenase to Increase Biomass Productivity in the Dark Reem Alameri Sustainability FURI
Optimization of Control Software for Continuous Printing of Metal with Multiple Materials Using C++ Aryan Gupta Data FURI
Deep Gaussian Process and Reinforcement Learning Approach to Adaptive Maintenance Scheduling in Semiconductor Manufacturing Mykhaylo Mykhaylov Semiconductor Manuacturing FURI
Drought Prediction Using Machine Learning Devbrat Hariyani Sustainability FURI
Evaluation of Air Retention of 3D printed Biomimetic Super-Hydrophobic Structures Dhanashree Sargar Sustainability MORE
Investigating the Stability Effects of Polyvinylpyrrolidone Additive on 2D Perovskite Solar Materials Adianne Alamban Energy FURI
Real-Time Force and Moment Feedback of a Hexarotor Drone Richard Kovalcik Energy FURI
Revolutionizing Formaldehyde Lead Halide Perovskite Solar Cells with Additive-Mediated Ion Migration Control Hithesh Rai Purushothama Energy FURI
Simulation and Fabrication of Trench Schottky Diodes on Ga2O3 for Applications in High Voltage DC Power Conversion Abishek Katta Semiconductor Manuacturing MORE
Exploration of Potential Anisotropic Optical Properties of Triclinic SiGe Lattices Biplove Baral Semiconductor Manuacturing FURI
Implications of Open-Air Manufacturing of Robust Perovskite Thin Films Enabled by Food Industry Additive Carsen Cartledge Energy FURI
Resolution-Invariant Image Classification via Implicit Neural Representations: An Application to Medical Whole-Slide Imaging Woojeh Chung Health FURI
Synthesis And Characterization Of Naturally-Derived Silk Fibroin Fibers And Films For The Design Of Nonmetallic Tunable And Tissue Responsive Fixation Devices In Regenerative Surgery Neveatha Muthusamy Health MORE
Enhancing Arterial Tissue Digestion Methods for Deeper Insights into Arterial Disease Mark Orlando Health FURI
Analyzing Natural Silk’s Degradability: Assessing its Suitability in Engineering Fracture Fixation Devices Aditi Rao Health FURI
Synthesis and Processing of Hydroxyapatite Thin Films and Coatings for Translational Orthopaedic Surgical Implant Applications Priyanka Desai Health MORE
Utilizing Neural Networks with Molecular Dynamics to Design High-Entropy Functional Alloys for Thermoelectric Technology Emi Sohi Sustainability FURI
Applying ChatGPT to Extract Mind Maps For Resource Evaluation Joshua Tint Data FURI
Utilizing a Machine Learning Algorithm for Wideband Channel Estimation and Signal Prediction John Rivera Data FURI
Dopant Distributions for Visible Light Absorption in Photocatalytic Nanoparticles Blake Dorame Energy FURI
Accumulation of β-Ketoadipate to Create Biopolymers Using Engineered Corynebacterium Glutamicum Joshua Kail Sustainability FURI
Multimodal Self-Supervised Approach to Text-to-Music Generation Nick Nguyen Data FURI
Design of a Thin and Stretchable Metamaterial Cap to Enhance MRI Image Quality Ava Claire Lariego Health FURI
Promoter Engineering for the Construction of Glucose-Inducible Promoters Kathryn O'Kane Health FURI
Moisture-Swing Polymer@textile Composites for CO2 Capture Maren Thompson Sustainability FURI
Scenario-Based Testing and Driving Assessment Metrics Validation Sunder Swaminathan Data MORE
The Release of Alpha-Ketoglutarate from Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels for Bone Repair Applications Emily Mahadevan Health FURI
Video Game-Based Domain Generalization for Computer Vision Kuan-Cheng Lee Data FURI
Adaptive and Accessible Data Acquisition for Platform-Independent Water Quality Monitoring Yibo Chen Sustainability GCSP research stipend
Dissecting Google’s AddressSanitizer (ASAN) Vishal Juneja Security FURI
Deconvolution of the Mechanical Effects in Atomic Force Microscopy Material Characterization of Living Cells Isaac Coello Dantus Data FURI
Using Intrathecal Methods to Improve Photoacoustic Imaging of Contrast Agents in Rats Era Joy Agus Health FURI
Investigating Barrier Properties of Laminate Packaging Materials for Flexible Batteries Benito Rincon Ramirez Energy FURI
Deep Learning Based Changepoint Detection for Robot Learning Adarsh Hiremath Data MORE
Multimodal Interlaminar Fracture of Soft/Hard Layered Materials Swastik Verma Security FURI
Optimal Pin Fin Density Constantino Meza Energy FURI
Low-Temperature Reduction of Metal Oxide Semiconductors Using Open-Air Plasma Jacob Burrows Semiconductor Manuacturing FURI
Innovative Magnetic Field Design and Modulation for 3D Printing Biomimetic Microrobots with Programmable Material Distribution Ivan Pesqueira Health MORE
Characterizing Anti-Perovskite Films for Solid-State Electrolytes in Batteries Gabriel Adams Energy GCSP research stipend
Diversity Measures: Domain-Independent Proxies for Failure in Language Model Queries Noel Ngu Data FURI
A study on Aluminum Voxels Characteristics Deposited by a New Metal 3D Printing Method Mohammed Bawareth Energy MORE
Synthesis of Algae-Derived MgO/Zn-Modified Activated Carbon for Nitrate and Phosphate Removal Eric Petronella Sustainability MORE
Propositional Logic Frameworks in Perception Tasks App Aniruddha Datta Data MORE
3D Printing of Membranes with Bioinspired Porous Structures for Water Treatment Emily Hudson Sustainability FURI
Maximize Solar Power by Solar Cell Reconfiguration Circuits Patrick Shea Energy FURI
Identifying the Optimal Orientation for Selecting Embedding Models for TCR-Epitope Binding Affinity Prediction Aiko Muraishi Health FURI
Shape Optimization of Pin Fin Array in a Cooling Channel Using Genetic Algorithm Ji Yeon Kim Energy MORE
Synthesis of Polymers to Make Membranes for Water Purification Bryce Askew Sustainability FURI
Cyber Challenges for Novice Learners Cody Walter Education FURI
Effects of High Temperature Annealing on VO2 Phase Transition Temperature Abigail Rothert Sustainability FURI
Finite Element Analysis of Atomic Force Microscopy Measurement of Heterogeneous Nodules Suspended in a Membrane with Application in the Semiconductor, Health, and Security Industries Tyler Norkus Semiconductor Manuacturing FURI
Metabolic Gene Expression Changes in Neural Organoids During Key Timepoints in Development Ammar Mehdi Health FURI
Kinetically Charged Batteries — Development and Optimization Gwen Eging Energy FURI
Unraveling Speech Processing in Humans: Insights from Neural Signals Tushar Tyagi Health GCSP research stipend
Using Biomechanical and Physiological Parameters as a Predictive Model for Negative Postsurgical Outcomes Angelo La Rosa Health FURI
Magnetic Micro-Robots for Medical Applications Li He Health FURI
Surface Effects Mapping of a Multirotor in Close Proximity to the Ground, Ceiling, and Walls Archit Jain Energy MORE
Effects of Lithium Carbonate on Lithium Lanthanum Zirconium Oxide Ionic Conductivity and the Adhesion Properties Seth Storino Energy FURI