Symposium archive

Event: Fall 2020

Project Title Participant Mentor Focus Type
Electro-Spun Pretreatment Membranes for Heavy Metal Ions Removal Salma Ly Sustainability FURI
Testing Method of Soft Actuator Anson Kwan Health FURI
Modeling Mechanical Properties of Fibrous, Polymer Scaffolds as a Function of Fiber Alignment Morgan Penny Health FURI
Drone Security Christopher Vaughn Security GCSP research stipend
Standard Technique Development for Rad Hard Electronics Shanika Davis Energy FURI
Machine Learning Model for Classifying Colorimetric Assays Rachel Fisher Health FURI
Synthesis of Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs) for the Purpose of Encapsulating and Releasing Tuberculosis Drugs Avery Wagner Health FURI
Enhancing Mechanical Properties of Cement Beams with UV-Irradiated Polypropylene Marissa Jimenez Sustainability FURI
Implementing creative ways of generating SQL Queries in a Data Exploration Session Krishna Prasad Sheshadri Data FURI
Ligand-functionalized Microbeads for Preferential Binding of Methylated and Unmethylated DNA Kayla Charles Health FURI
Solar Membrane Desalination Jing Wen Soh Sustainability FURI
Germanium Dioxide: Development of Synthesis Techniques Robert Loh Sustainability FURI
Aircraft Performance Data Acquisition Nitish Chennoju Data FURI
Atmospheric Water Capture and the Effects on Organic Matter Kaley Yazzie Sustainability FURI
Study of the Effects of Polydispersity on Vortex Tubes Abdi Awale Data FURI
An Investigation on the Humans behind Robocalls In The Telephone Ecosystem Ahmed Usman Security FURI
Development and Validation of a Custom Soft-Body FEA Simulator for Rapid Prototyping Erick Duarte Data FURI
Improving the Design Freedom and Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fiber Andrew Walsh Security FURI
panCanSYGNAL Jacob Watson Health FURI
Pet Diagnostic Health Harness Hunter Silvey Health GCSP research stipend
Visualizing Spatio-Temporal Data Ritvik Ramdas Data FURI
Environmental Perception Based Human Intent Inference in Autonomous Cars Zachary Hoffmann Data FURI
Developing an Automatic Potable Water Chlorinator in Response to Varying Water Conditions Jialin Li Sustainability FURI
Dye Filtration of Electrospun MOF Fibers Elmer Correa Sustainability FURI
System Support for Protecting Visual Privacy in Augmented Reality Andrei Iosifescu Security FURI
A Novel Use of GAN’s to Efficiently Simulate Fracture in Polymer Composites Dylan Quarenghi Data FURI
Ali’i CFG: Improving the Accuracy and Completeness of Control Flow Graphs on Binary Programs Zion Basque Security FURI
Evaluating Collective Intelligence Strategies for Visual Detection Ryan Kemmer Data FURI
A Continuation of the Exploration of the Connection Between Particulate Composition and Mean Granule Size Nicole Martin Health FURI
Constructing a Chlorine Sensor For Use In Developing Nations Benjamin Voller-Brown Health FURI
Assessment of Injury Induced Blood Brain Barrier Disruption and Necroptosis via Development of Rapid Data Analysis Pipeline Kristin Huber Health FURI
Ligament Breakup in a Sheer Flow Joshua Spencer Data FURI
Radiative Heat Transfer Measurement at Nanoscale Vacuum Gaps Kareem Ayoub Energy FURI
Studying Solar Thermophotovoltaic Energy Conversion Nikolas Deffigos Energy FURI
Neural ODE Modeling for Many-Body Interactions Sreeharsha Lakamsani , Data FURI
A Novel Approach to Perform Rank-one Updates in Machine Learning Venkata Saisrikar Gudivada Data MORE
Utilizing 13C Tracing to Determine Metabolic Pathways Carlos Beiza Sustainability FURI
Standardizing Evaluation of Human-Computer Interaction in VR Olfactory Applications Lucy Song Education FURI
Atomic Dynamics of Platinum Nanoparticles on Cerium Oxide Catalysts Claire Block Sustainability FURI
Mixed Reality Hardware for Hands On Virtual Science Labs Brandon Evans Education FURI
Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Plastic Waste Alexa Sanchez Sustainability FURI
Evaluation of Algae-Derived Carbon Adsorbents for Direct CO2 Capture from Ambient Air Trevor Ciha Sustainability FURI
Study the Mechanical Properties of Stereolithography 3D printed Polymer Nanodiamond Composite Prathamesh Mhatre Energy MORE
Characterization of the CNT Agglomerate Interphase in a Three-Phase Nanocomposite Alek Pensky Security MORE
RF (Radio Frequency) Micro-Coil Design for Small Animal MRI Zakarya Abdi Health FURI
Understanding the Impact of the Frequency of Distractions on Cognitive Ability Gautam Sethi Education FURI
Adsorptive CO2 Capture from Ambient Air by Zeolites Xavier Bonelli Sustainability FURI
Control and Coordination of Multi-Robot Swarm Systems Parth Khopkar Data MORE
The Effect of Deep-Level Reasoning Questions in Digital Learning Resources Sabrina Cervantes Villa Education FURI
3D Printing of Stainless-Steel Replacement Piping for Corrosive and Low-Pressure Environments Venkata Krishnan Sampath Sustainability MORE
Engineering Safe Nanocomposite Materials: Role of Interactions Between Graphene Oxide-Silver Nanocomposite with Microcystis aeruginosa Yaritza Cahue Sustainability FURI
Simulation Framework for Driving Data Collection and Object Detection Algorithms to Aid Autonomous Vehicle Emulation of Human Driving Styles Yashaswy Govada Data MORE
Low-Cost and Power-Efficient Terahertz Reconfigurable Reflective Surfaces for Imaging and Wireless Communications Ethan Cruz Data FURI
The Use of Spatial Audio as a Navigation Aid for the Visually Impaired Anish Narsipur Health FURI
A Comparison of CRISPR/Cas-Derived Genome Editing Methods for hPSCs Stone Xia Health FURI
Determining the Effects of Sound Frequencies and Periodicities as Patterned Distractions on a Student’s Cognitive Ability Anish Agarwal Education FURI
The Role of Pressure During Quenching on Shock-Induced Phase Transformations in Silica Glass Paul Parker Security FURI
A Benchmarking Framework for Data-Driven Compressive Sensing Márk Lakatos-Tóth Data FURI
Concrete Canoe Fabrication and Competition Edward Apraku Education KEEN
A Variable Thermal Feedback Mixed-Reality Haptic Interface for Virtual Fluid Interactions Albert Hu Education FURI
Neighboring Single Atoms Catalyst Acceleration of Hydrodehalogenation of Organic Pollutants: An Ab Initio Study with Pt Catalyst Tracy Flores Chavez Sustainability FURI
3D Printing of Iron Oxide Based Anode with Bioinspired Structures for Lithium-Ion Batteries Dylan Joralmon Energy FURI
Testing Method of Soft Actuator Anson Kwan Health FURI
Optimizing Heat Transfer in a Rotary Drum Erik Miller Energy FURI
Virtual Testing to Determine the Behavior of Orthotropic Materials Daniel Katusele Sustainability MORE
Incorporating Fluorescent Nanoprobe Emulsions in Hydrogels for Non-invasive Oxygen Measurement Michael Finocchiaro Health FURI
Towards Automated Identification of Cancer Immunotherapy Targets: Prediction of Binding Affinity of T Cell Receptor and Antigens Using Graph-Guided Deep Neural Network Michael Cai Health FURI
Silver Analysis on Stainless Steel 316 Coated Aluminum Oxide Used for Water Systems on Spacecrafts Marcela Strane Sustainability FURI
Photoacoustic Microscopy with Schlieren Optics to Provide Real-Time Imaging Derek Smetanick Health FURI
Predicting Flow Function of Bulk-Solids and Powders at Different Size Ranges and Moisture Conditions Anindya Deb Sustainability MORE
Characterization and Modeling of Ankle Impedance During the Stance Phase of Walking Joshua Russell Health MORE
Examining the Anti-Proliferative Properties of DUB Inhibitors in Primary Mesothelioma Cells Margaret Cook Health FURI
Develop a 3D Printable Nanodiamond Polymer Nanocomposite Resin towards Fabrication of Low Cost Thermally Conducting Devices Kaustubh Alhad Joshi Energy MORE
Study on Human Postural Stability During Upright Standing Using Novel Two-Axis Robotic Platform Vu Phan Health MORE
Assessing Urban Agricultural Practices in the Desert Cities Emma Bonham Sustainability FURI
Design, Modeling, and Control of a Single-Axis Self-Balancing Platform Adin Warner Security FURI
Non-Toxic Nucleation and Passivation of Silver Nanoparticles on Stainless Steel for Biofouling Control Kiarash Ranjbari Sustainability MORE
Utilizing Density Functional Theory to Compute the Efficacy of a Rippled Janus Structure for use in Optoelectronics Eugene Agravante Energy FURI
Deuterium Metabolic Imaging of Physiological Levels of Glucose Joshua Gunn Health FURI
Intelligent Surfaces for 5G and Beyond Wireless Communications Anand Pratap Singh Sengar Energy MORE
Engineering High Yield Production of L-Serine in Cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002 Omar Abed Sustainability MORE
Microbial Engineering for the Production of Ethyl Lactate Melody Cymbor Sustainability FURI
Flux Balance Analysis Parker Poole Sustainability FURI
Improvement of Uniaxial Testing Apparatus for Micro-Scale Material Systems Yaseen Ayoub Data FURI
Adventures of Stolen Credentials Priya Ganguly Security FURI
Creation of a Computational File for Calculating Drug Release from Degradable Spherical Gel Batch Priscilla Han Health FURI
Development of A Photo-Responsive Moisture-Absorbent Composite for Atmospheric Water Extraction Xingbang Zhao , Sustainability MORE
Can Shocks Produced from Perturbed Bimaterial Interfaces be Used to Estimate Dynamic Strength? Sebastian Garcia Peralta Security FURI
How Center of Gravity Location and the Sizing of Control Surfaces Affect Aircraft Stability Kevin O'Brien Data FURI
Investigation of a polyether urethane-based polymer for promoting bone tissue healing Michelle Loui Health MORE
Metal-Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Rapid Thermal Cycling Kyle Horn Energy FURI
Multi-Modal Communication Between Human and Robots through Virtual and Augmented Reality Michael Chung Data FURI
Development of the SmartPad System for Energy Expenditure Detection Shaun Victor Health FURI
Aircraft Performance and Propulsion Data Acquisition Maxwell Stauffer Energy FURI
The Development of Geometries for a Passive Check Valve in Patients with Hydrocephalus Ricardo Mendoza Health FURI
Investigation on the Adsorption of Selenium Oxo-anions on Alumina and Hematite Surfaces Ngan Anh Nguyen Sustainability FURI
Enzyme-Induced Carbonate Precipitation Using Fresh Urine and Calcium-Rich Zeolites Lucas Crane Sustainability FURI
Investigating PEG-Polyurethane for Biomedical Applications Alicia Salas Health FURI
Characterizing Cellular Response to Topological Features on a Nanoscale Utilizing Monolithic Quartz Contact Guidance Chips Yisha Ng Health FURI
Reproducibility and Extraction of Complex Hydrogel Geometry Fabrication in 3D Printed Injection Molds Alec McCall Health FURI
Effect of Iron-Impregnated Biochar on Water Contaminant Adsorption Capabilities Ashlyn Laird Sustainability FURI
Replication of a Two-Axis Robotic Platform for Improved Ankle Characterization and Postural Stability Studies Matthew Auer Health FURI
Muscle Response During Multidirectional Interaction with a Variable Damping Controlled Ankle Robot Connor Phillips Health GCSP research stipend
Observing Effect of Orientation, Location, and Threshold of TMS Coil on Motor Cortex Activation Nyah Kshatriya Health GCSP research stipend
Zwitterionic Poly (Arylene Ether Sulfone) Membranes for Treatment of Reverse Osmosis Brine by Pervaporation Tejaswi Nori Sustainability MORE
Engineering Novel Microbead Encapsulated Three Dimensional Tumor and Stem Cell Models for Regenerative Medicine Tanya Nanda Health MORE
Design and Optimization of Hybrid Fuel with Complex Bioinspired Geometries for Controllable Combustion Efficiency Joshua Blair Energy FURI
Developing a Screening Method in Preparation for Directed Evolution of Cyanophycin Synthetase Wyatt Blackson Sustainability FURI
Modifying the Structure and Capacitive Performance of Holey Graphene by Microwave-Thermal Pretreatment Yan Dou Energy MORE
Sonication-Assisted Hydrothermal Synthesis of B4C Nanosheets for Fabrication of a Solar Steam Generator Mark Levin Energy FURI
Design of High-Frequency Large Intelligent Surfaces Using Reflectarrays Sanjay Kumar Vijaya Kumar Energy MORE
Variable Impedance Control of the Robotic Ankle Joint James Arnold Health MORE
The Effects of Heat Treatment on the Drug Loading of Poloxamer Micelle Structures Douglas Pivonka Health FURI
Characterizing Nanocomposites for Customizable Cartilage Replacements Alexis Hocken Health FURI
Activation Energy Extraction of Electrodeposit Growth in Nanoionic Materials and Devices Amberly Ricks , Energy MORE