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Event: Fall 2019

Project Title Participant Mentor Focus Type
Phase-field modeling of electromigration-mediated hillock growth in copper interconnects Sree Shivani Vemulapalli Energy MORE
Metabolic Engineering for Ethyl Lactate Production in E.coli Abigail Jansen Sustainability FURI
Dust Entrainment and Dust Devils Hezekiah Grayer Sustainability FURI
Wireless ECoG (Electrocorticography) for Intra-operative Neurophysiological Monitoring Dzifa Kwaku Health MORE
Collecting Data to Determine if Startle Correlates to a Successful Step Response in Stroke Survivors Joshua Gunn Health FURI
Adversarial Attacks in Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Vehicle Control Benjamin Danek Security FURI
Artificial Intelligence in Smart Grid Data Analysis Zhihao Ma Energy FURI
Design, Characterization and Prototyping of Smart Windows with Thermochromic Thin-Film Coatings Jeremy Chao Sustainability FURI
Experimental Demonstration of Tunable Near-field Radiative Heat Transfer Exceeding Blackbody Limit with VO2 Thin Films Nicole Sluder Energy FURI
Optimization of Future Urban Mobility Systems Chase Overcash Sustainability FURI
Lizard Inspired Pipe Testing Robot Jalpesh Bhadra Security MORE
Soft Robotic Elephant Trunk Mannat Rana Education FURI
Towards Portability of Pneumatic Wearable Devices using Low-Volume Inflatable Actuator Composites and a Portable Pneumatic Source Souvik Poddar Health MORE
Thermogalvanic Brick Emmanuel Dasinor Energy MORE
Investigation of Sex Differences in 2-Dimensional Ankle Stiffness During Upright Standing Ermyntrude Adjei Health FURI
Developing a Multimodal Node Graph Tool Nicole Darmawaskita Education FURI
Streamlining Rocketry: How to Cut Costs Without Compromising Performance Miguel Lugo Education KEEN
Kinetics of Dynamic Damage Growth in Metals from Characterization and Simulations of Shock Loading Experiments Lily Baye-Wallace Security FURI
BrainTracker mHealth Application: Monitoring the Comorbidities of Pediatric Neurological Disorders Mason Cole Health FURI
SAE Baja Sun Devil Racing Jun Sasaki Education KEEN
Designing Better Wireless Experiments through Screening Daniel Kulenkamp Education FURI
Innovative Additive Manufacturing 3D — Hovercraft Vehicle Disaster Relief System Taylor Inase Education KEEN
Investigating the Performance of 3D-printed Sorbents for Direct Air Capture of CO2 Terry Obeng-Ampomah , Sustainability MORE
Autonomous Car Capable of Navigation and Interaction with Other Vehicles Kevin Julius Security FURI
Functionality of an Octopus Arm Teleah Hancer Health FURI
Studying the potential of Immersed Boundary Methods by Simulating a Complicated Object in a Numerical Wind Tunnel Areli Diaz Education FURI
Multivariate Analysis for Irrigation with Reclaimed Chlorinated Water Samuel Greenberg Sustainability FURI
Development of a Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Control System For Hand Muscle Therapy Devika Dileep Health FURI
Dynamic Thermal Measurements of Tunable Radiative Coatings for Space Applications Neal Boman Energy FURI
Robot Navigation using Wireless Signals in an Indoor/Outdoor Environment Kshitij Kashettiwar Education MORE
Dynamic Thrust Testing Tools Daniel Kosednar Energy FURI
Magnetic Needle Steering for Minimally Invasive Surgery Alex Petras Health MORE
The Impact of a Startling Acoustic Stimulus and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on Reaction Times in Unimpaired Older Adults Vishvak Rangarajan Health FURI
Thermal Creep Resistant Nickel Super Alloys with Nontraditional Alloying Elements Samuel Moehring Security FURI
Removing Selenium Oxoanions from Water Using Layered Double Hydroxides in Chitosan Beads Janice Baab Sustainability FURI
Graphical User Interface for Control of a Drone Swarm and Collision Avoidance Enoch O'Neal Security FURI
Electrolyzer Application of a Load-Managing PV System Christian Polo Energy FURI
Fabrication of High-performance Carbon Fibers Rahul Franklin Security MORE
Combined Interfacial and Solvothermal Synthesis to Study the MOF Growth Process Dillon Jayanthan Education FURI
Computational and Experimental Studies of Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids in Organic Solutions for MET Sensor Devices Vincent Davis Energy FURI
Role Adaptation in Robots for Effective Physical Human-Robot Interaction Pallavi Shrinivas Shintre Health MORE
Silica Aerogel as Fireproofing Material for Transformer Firewall Matilda Koa Security FURI
Finding and Predicting Defects in CIGS Cells Using Varied Temperature and Spectroscopy Robert Lattus Energy FURI
Integration of Renewables and Cost-Efficient Technologies in Transmission Expansion Planning Durga Prasad Reddy Kasireddy Energy MORE
Damage Modes of Carbon Nanotubes Embedded in Epoxy-Resin polymeric Material Yugansh Virmani Energy MORE
Proposed Enhancements to Pavement ME Design: Improved Consideration of the Influence of Subgrade Soils Susceptible to Shrink/Swell on Pavement Performance Mayank Bagtharia Sustainability MORE
Optimum Methods of Nanoscale Material Characterization for Analyzing Interphase Properties of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials Jack Mester Security FURI
Optimization of Mixed-Mode Bending Fixture Suzannah Strand Security FURI
Electrochemical Process for Metal Recovery from End of Life Photovoltaic Modules Cooper Tezak Energy FURI
Wireless, Fully Passive, Multi-Channel Neural Recorder Ryan Szalanski Health FURI
Epileptic Seizure Detection and Prediction Alexandra Dent Health FURI
Metal-Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Rapid Thermal Cycling Kyle Horn Energy FURI
Design, Characterization and Manufacturing of Solid-core/Porous-shell Fiber Structures Namrata Kanth Sustainability MORE
Using Salmonella as a pH-modulator to Explore the Tumor Microenvironment Kiera Fleck Health GCSP research stipend
Radiative Cooling Performance in LiF Samples and Observed Cooling of PVF Samples of Differing Thicknesses Nicholas Denisuk Energy FURI
Steady-State Measurements of Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer between Ultra-Flat Thin-Film Materials Christian Messner Energy FURI
A Self-Fluctuating Actuator Air Prosthetic Liner With Memory Foam Design for Lower Limb Amputees to Improve Comfort, Stability, and Fluctuation in Prosthetic Sockets: Zachery Shropshire , Health FURI
Study of How Yeast Transport in Membrane Protein Xueqi Li Health FURI
ASCE Concrete Canoe Development and Testing Brielle Januszewski Sustainability KEEN
Lensless Cameras: Simulation and Prototype Development Celine Cheung Security FURI
Modification of Synthetic Hydrogel Chemistry to Generate Complex Macroencapsulation Device Geometries Sarah Brady Health FURI
A Force-Tracking Restraint System for Novel Movement and Sensation in Virtual Reality Elliot Nester Health FURI
Hydrolysis of Biomass Derived Cellulose and Hemicellulose with Engineered Bacillus subtilis Strains Bethany Kalscheur Energy FURI
X-Ray Tomography Analysis Correlating Pit Growth and Rolling Conditions in a High-Performance Aluminum Alloy Daniel Sinclair Security FURI
Interphase Properties of Carbon Nanotube Composites Christian Bonney Energy FURI
Towards Autonomous Thermal Imaging Robots for Heat Sensing Olivia Christie Energy FURI
Synthesis of Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles with the Inclusion of Metabolites and Ovalbumin Mio Ozawa Health FURI
Utilizing Acetate as a Carbon Source for Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 Mutant for Microbial Electro-Photosynthesis Anna Mangus Energy FURI
The Efficiency of the Cold Trap Condenser in a Pervaporation Membrane Process Kristina Luong Sustainability FURI
Discovering Factors that Drive the Recruitment of Macrophages to Glioblastoma Multiforme Tumor Cells Gabrielle Wipper Health FURI
SWE National Conference Kathryn Chamberlin Education KEEN
End-Burning Vortex Flow Pancake Hybrid Rocket Engine Mohanad Warrayat Energy FURI
Design and Programming a Smart Camera for a Drone to Collect and Process Images of Crops to Provide Cost-Effective Plant-Health Analysis Hunter Silvey Sustainability FURI
Development of Electrospun 3D Biomaterials Brendan Brookhouser Health FURI
Analysis of Potential High Speed Rail Technology to Connect Arizona, Nevada and California Amanda Minutello Sustainability FURI
Lizard Inspired Tube Inspection Robot Vijay Senthilkumar Sustainability MORE
Bioproduction of renewable ethylene from an engineered cyanobacterium Samuel Welton Sustainability FURI
Metabolic Engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum for the Conversion of Biomass Derived Aromatics to Chrysin Carlie Rein Sustainability FURI
Regression analysis of lithium-ion battery degradation data Harsh Niraj Sheth Energy MORE
Needle Tracking System Dakota Edwards Health MORE
Desert WAVE Isabella Bushroe Education KEEN
Effects of Startle-Evoked Movement Associated with Learning a Novel Motor Task Cassie Riggs Health FURI
Engineering High Yield Production of L-Serine in Cyanobacteria Omar Abed Sustainability FURI
Stress-Responsive Reinforced Composites via Functionalization of Carbon Fiber Chase Lee , Security FURI
Streamlining Rocketry: How to Cut Costs Without Compromising Performance Chase Lee , Energy KEEN
Ankle Flexion Data as a Differentiative Measure in Orthotic Device Prescription for Stroke Survivors Anshul Krishnan Health FURI
Developing Parallel and Efficient Algorithms For Compact Similarity Joins Kartik Gupta Education GCSP research stipend
Development of Biomanufacturing Unit Operations for Human Cell Therapy (HCL) Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Amanda Tran Health FURI
The Optimal Waste Reduction (OWR) Tool Kelly White Sustainability FURI