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Grand Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP) research stipend

The Fulton Schools Grand Challenges Scholars Program combines innovative curriculum and cutting-edge research experiences into an intellectual fusion that spans academic disciplines and includes entrepreneurial, global and service learning opportunities. Students funded by a GCSP research stipend conduct research in a grand challenges theme and are invited to present their findings at the Fulton Forge Student Research Expo.

Project Title Participant Mentor Theme Year
Immersive Learning Architectures: Template-Driven VR Education Neha Balamurugan Data Spring 2024
Enhancing Human Activity Recognition through 3D Modeling and Deep Learning: Advancement of Wearable Robotics through Time-series and Video Data Analysis Aishani Pathak Data Spring 2024
Design and Construction of a Wayfinding Method for the Completely Hackable Amateur Radio Telescope Ritwik Sharma Education Spring 2024
2-Dimensional Perovskite Photovoltaics Produced with Organic Additives Berrak Gokce Sustainability Spring 2024
Nano Contrast Agents in Photoacoustic Imaging: In Vitro and Ex Vivo Insights Era Joy Agus Health Spring 2024
Using Machine Learning on Naturalistic Driving Data to Predict Mild Cognitive Impairment Anushka Limaye Health Spring 2024
Unraveling Speech Processing in Humans: Insights from Neural Signals Tushar Tyagi Data Spring 2024
Scaling of All-Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells through Improved Thermomechanical and Optoelectrical Stability Hanson Nguyen Energy Fall 2023
Immersive and Interactive Visualizations using Virtual Reality Neha Balamurugan Data Fall 2023
Adaptive and Accessible Data Acquisition for Platform-Independent Water Quality Monitoring Yibo Chen Sustainability Fall 2023
Characterizing Anti-Perovskite Films for Solid-State Electrolytes in Batteries Gabriel Adams Energy Fall 2023
Unraveling Speech Processing in Humans: Insights from Neural Signals Tushar Tyagi Health Fall 2023
Global Supply Chains as Predictors of Activity Rohan Nair Security Spring 2023
Data Visualization in Virtual Reality Neha Balamurugan Data Spring 2023
Curating, Organizing, and Analyzing Neural Signals of Human Speech Tushar Tyagi Health Spring 2023
Investigation of Chemically Recyclable Thiol-ene Crosslinked Photopolymers Connor Williamson Sustainability Fall 2022
Open-Source Cost-Effective 3D-Printed Anthropomorphic Neuroprosthetics Tilak Raj Thanga Raj Health Summer 2022
Researching Reusable Water Bottle Cleaning Techniques to Provide Sustainable and Safe Access to Clean Water for the Homeless Population in the Phoenix Area Patrick Farley Sustainability Spring 2022
Financial, Logistical, and Environmental Analysis of Reusable Water Bottle Filling and Cleaning Device for the Homeless Population in Phoenix Mark Agoston Sustainability Spring 2022
Designing an Automated Soldering Station to Solder Copper-Ribbons onto PV Cells Deepit Arora Energy Spring 2022
Optimizing Vendor Mix at the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market Raphael David Data Spring 2022
Towards the Development of a Longitudinal Rehabilitation Study for Postural Stability in Children with Cerebral Palsy Connor Phillips Health Summer 2021
Genetically Engineering the Microalgae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to Sequester Arsenic from Contaminated Groundwater: ASU International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition Project Emma Lieberman Sustainability Summer 2021
CK2 Phosphorylation of Tom22: Conserved or Convergently Evolved? Kamawela Leka Health Summer 2021
Use of Rabbit Fecal Matter for Lignin Degradation in Wastewater Treatment Systems Smith Pittman Sustainability Spring 2021
Size-Tunable Polymeric Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery after Traumatic Brain Injury Dhrasti Dalal Health Spring 2021
Drone Security Christopher Vaughn Security Fall 2020
Pet Diagnostic Health Harness Hunter Silvey Health Fall 2020
Muscle Response During Multidirectional Interaction with a Variable Damping Controlled Ankle Robot Connor Phillips Health Fall 2020
Observing Effect of Orientation, Location, and Threshold of TMS Coil on Motor Cortex Activation Nyah Kshatriya Health Fall 2020
Improvements on the design of spinneret extruder Dean Spyres Health Spring 2020
Engineering of High Yield Production of L-Serine in Cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002 Omar Abed Sustainability Spring 2020
Temporal Specificity of the Binding Potential of CDR3 Peptides to Traumatic Brain Injury Nathanael Borgogni Health Spring 2020
Using Salmonella as a pH-modulator to Explore the Tumor Microenvironment Kiera Fleck Health Fall 2019
Developing Parallel and Efficient Algorithms For Compact Similarity Joins Kartik Gupta Education Fall 2019
Investigating the Role of SP5 in WNT Signaling Using an In-Vitro Model of Neural Patterning Esther Sim Health Spring 2019
Collecting Data for Pressure Ulcer Monitoring and Prevention System Ekta Patel Health Spring 2019
Risk Assessment and Terrestrial Plant Toxicity of Remediated Heavy Hydrocarbon Impacted Soil Brielle Januszewski Sustainability Spring 2019
Pressure Ulcer Monitoring and Prevention System Algorithm Bhavna Ramesh Health Spring 2019
Design and Characterization of Programmable FRET Biosensors Dustin Foote Health Spring 2019
X-ray topography method for solar cell deflection, cracking and stress measurements David Anchondo Energy Fall 2018
Service Learning and Retention in Undergraduate Engineering Caroline Kireopoulos Education Fall 2018
Modification of Quorum Sensing Regulatory Systems in Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Ava Karanjia Health Fall 2018
Improving Liquid Propulsion Testing Reliability and Safety James Hansen Education Fall 2018
Gender Bias and Desired Career Path Correlation for K-5th Students Elizabeth Jones Education Fall 2018
Measuring Failure Load of Lumbar Spinous Processes to Transverse Mechanical Forces Framarz Alam Health Spring 2018
Sensor Efficacy in Measuring Bone Depth for Neurosurgical Applications Ethan Marschall Health Spring 2018
ASU Rise Lab’s Self Balancing Bicycle Miles Mabey Health Spring 2018
Vagus Nerve Stimulation To Treat Oromotor Dysfunction in a Rat Model of Parkinson’s Disease Stephen Lane Health Spring 2018
Silicon Nanoparticle Layers for Use as Glass Insulation Daniel Sinclair Sustainability Spring 2018
Mechanical Characterization of 3D Porous Electrospun Nanoscaffolds to Optimize Tissue Regenerative Response Maeve Kennedy Health Spring 2018
Impact of Time Constraints on HackerRank Assessments Kiana Ghazouli Education Spring 2018
In situ SEM testing for Fatigue Crack Growth: Mechanical Investigation of Titanium Alyssa Nazareno , Energy Spring 2018