Nathanael Zuniga

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona

Graduation date: Fall 2018

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FURI | Fall 2018

Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer Measurements between Two Parallel Flat Surfaces with LabVIEW Controlled Tip-Tilt Platform

The goal of this FURI project is to experimentally measure near-field radiative heat transfer between several unique samples. In order for near-field radiation to occur, multiple requirements must be met. The two samples must have, at most, a sub-micrometer distance between them. The samples must be near-perfectly parallel. The samples must be placed in a vacuum-sealed chamber to prevent convection. Lastly, one sample must be heated while the other is kept at room temperature. Once these criteria are met, near-field radiative measurements may commence. These measurements will aid in understanding thermal energy harvesting, waste recovery, and other energy-producing methods.


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