Michael Tucker

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Yardley, Pennsylvania

Graduation date: Spring 2018

Photo of Tucker, Michael
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FURI | Spring 2018

Developing Fatigueless 3-phase Nanocomposite Sensors

The research focuses on nanocomposite sensors made by inserting a carbon nanotube membrane (buckypaper) between glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) substrates. The goal is to enhance the sensor’s fatigue response by inducing a residual compressive pre-stress state on the CNT membrane while inducing a tensile pre-stress on the glass fiber substrates. Benefits of this research will involve improving damage detection in composite structures. After searching for material properties of the sensor components and theoretically determining that the materials can be pre-stressed without failure, the next steps are to create samples, measure their properties, and conduct stress and fatigue tests.


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