Neil Rastogi

Chemical engineering

Hometown: Chandler, Arizona

Graduation date: Spring 2019

Portrait of Rastogi, Neil
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FURI | Spring 2018

Selective Electro-Fermentation of Scenedesmus Acutus

The goal of this research is to develop a flat-plate reactor, which is a type of Microbial Electrolysis Cell (MEC), to maximize the degradation of proteins and carbohydrates while conserving the highest number and quality of lipids of the lipid-rich algae, Scenedesmus Acutus. The rates of gas production will be monitored to support the occurrence of biohydrogenation occurring in the anode chamber. The quality and quantity of extractable lipids will be compared against results from previous SEF (selective electro-fermentation) research. The results from this project may lead towards the use of algae as a sustainable and net-zero carbon biofuel source.


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