Dimitra Manatou

Biomedical engineering

Hometown: Athens, Attica, Greece

Graduation date: Spring 2026

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FURI | Fall 2023, Summer 2023

Revolutionizing UAV Technology: Innovative Low-Cost Design for Enhanced Data Collection and Surveillance

This research project ventures into the realm of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology with the objective of crafting a groundbreaking UAV design. This design aims to redefine conventional standards by offering a lightweight, cost-effective, and adaptable solution for data collection and surveillance applications. This endeavor incorporates cutting-edge electronics, precision GPS guidance, and advanced sensors, addressing the intricate challenges associated with UAV controller design, thus ushering in a paradigm shift with wide-reaching implications across various industries. The project’s primary focus revolves around the development of a UAV system that strikes a harmonious balance between affordability and high-performance capabilities. Drawing inspiration from the Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft, the project envisions a miniaturized version featuring a dual co-axial rotor configuration, servo-controlled control flaps, and integration of an ESP-32 camera. Innovation extends beyond hardware components to embrace modern, efficient sensors and data collection mechanisms, all while adhering to stringent constraints of size and cost-effectiveness. This research project takes a significant leap forward by tackling the intricate problem of controller design for UAVs, especially those on the brink of instability, introducing novel approaches in system identification and control, ultimately reshaping the landscape of UAV technology.


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