Michael Ray Cai

Computer science

Hometown: Chandler, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Fall 2020

Health icon, disabled. A red heart with a cardiac rhythm running through it.

FURI | Fall 2020

Towards Automated Identification of Cancer Immunotherapy Targets: Prediction of Binding Affinity of T Cell Receptor and Antigens Using Graph-Guided Deep Neural Network

Cancer can be treated through immunotherapy, a personalized treatment to train a person’s own body to create an immune response towards cancer cells. The problem arises in understanding when a cancer cell is recognizable to the body as harmful. The researcher created a graph-guided neural network to predict cellular bindings given major histocompatibility complexes of cells and T-cell receptors as pairs of data. When presented with the MHC from a particular patient, these predictions will aid immunotherapists in creating a treatment for that individual.


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Using machine learning to predict immune responses will help immunologists design treatments to make our own bodies fight cancer.


  • FURI
  • Summer 2020