FURI | Summer 2020

Visual and Output-Based Improvements of a MATLAB Program for Dynamic Light Scattering Applications

Data icon, disabled. Four grey bars arranged like a vertical bar chart.

The research motivation was to improve a MATLAB program that provided correlation coefficient and size distribution outputs for a sample run through a DLS (Dynamic Light Scattering) machine. Research methods included writing code to enhance output visualizations, determining factors that decreased the run time while maintaining output accuracy, and finding limitations of the model. It was concluded that there were no significant differences when running the code in MATLAB 2016a and MATLAB 2019a, running averaged data provided accurate outputs while reducing the run time, and that the code was unable to produce accurate outputs for sizes smaller than 10-6.

Student researcher

Douglas Anthony Pivonka

Chemical engineering

Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Spring 2021