FURI | Spring 2021

Reducing Air Pollutants and Analyzing the Products of Nitric Oxide Conversion Over Photocatalytic Cementitious Materials

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Societal development has created a significant rise in air pollutants, resulting in the need for a system that can assist in its reduction. Titanium dioxide, a photocatalytic material that is known to have depolluting capabilities, may be incorporated in or on concrete structures and used as a passive system for depollution. The purpose of this research is to investigate the reactions of nitrogen-containing air pollutants over photocatalytic cementitious materials. This will provide a benefit to future urbanization advancement, as understanding the potential chemical transformations of the original air pollutants over these modified surfaces can help to minimize the formation of more harmful air pollutants.

Student researcher

Mikiye Lamansky

Mikiye Lamansky

Chemical engineering

Hometown: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Graduation date: Spring 2021