FURI | Fall 2023, Summer 2023

Promoter Engineering for the Construction of Glucose-Inducible Promoters

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This research aims to engineer DNA constructs with glucose-inducible promoters for the expression of targeted marker proteins inside Escherichia Coli. J23100-CAP, CAP1-ptsG, pCAR, J23110-MLC4, and MLC4-J23110 are the promoter base combination that will be chosen for the study. The catabolite activator protein appears in the first two promoters and will be compared with the rest to determine the most efficient. The backbone and insert DNA fragments have been amplified. Experiments are ongoing to complete restriction digestion and ligation by end of fall. This will be applied to develop glucose sensors for applications in biochemical industries.

Student researcher

Kathryn G. O'Kane

Chemical engineering

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Spring 2025