FURI | Spring 2018

Modeling, Analysis and Decision Making for Coupled Water Systems in the Presence of Significant Uncertainty

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The purpose of this research is to improve water management modeling and decision making using intelligent control systems and current state-of-the-art water management techniques. This semester, the research is focused on simulating a water resource system in Simulink as a closed-loop control system that incorporates physical constraints, social-political-economic factors, and cost-benefit-risk analysis into the simulation model. The control system will serve as a framework that can be used to answer critical planning questions. Such a framework is invaluable to the sustainable and efficient management of natural resources, which is an integral component of a functioning society.

Student researcher

Portrait of Cederstorm, Charles

Charles Cederstrom

Civil, environmental and sustainable engineering

Hometown: Chandler, Arizona

Graduation date: Fall 2019