FURI | Fall 2021

Electrocatalytic Reduction of Nitrate via Nickel Foam Modified with Copper-Cobalt Nanoparticles for Ammonia Selectivity

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The standard Haber-Bosch process to produce ammonia (NH3) for use in agriculture applications is both energy and resource-intensive. This research advances a cost-effective alternative to ammonia production using catalytic activity tuned for ammonia production from nitrate reduction via three-dimensional nano-enabled electrodes. The combined electroactivity of copper and cobalt nanoparticles onto an affordable electrode medium (nickel foam) attained high nitrate removal efficiency of >85% and high ammonia selectivity in relevant laboratory conditions. These encouraging outcomes emphasize the potential of bimetallic electrodes to treat contaminated water sources with nitrate, while allowing a sustainable decentralized ammonia recovery as added value product.

Student researcher

Annika Wines

Environmental engineering

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Fall 2021