FURI | Spring 2024

Bio Stimulation of Fungi-Mycelium Create a Natural Geotextile Capable of Mitigating Post-Wildfire Soil Erosion

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Climate change has increased the prevalence and severity of wildfires and heavy rains, severely impacting ecosystems and soil. These events strip away vegetation, leaving soil exposed and prone to erosion. To address this, this research project explores the engineered growth of fungi in burnt soils as a novel, cost-effective erosion control method. Fungi mycelium, with its web-like structure, can bind soil, creating a protective mat that prevents erosion and potentially reduces landslide risks. The focus of this work is on bio-stimulating fungi growth in fire-affected soils to form a natural layer that enhances soil stability and erosion resistance.

Student researcher

Henry Nakaana

Civil engineering

Hometown: Masaka, Central Uganda, Uganda

Graduation date: Spring 2024